3+4 Critical & Powerful Life changing Advice – Weight Loss Without Diet

Advice For Weight Loss Without Diet – Some people think of something temporary, something they can do for a couple of weeks if they think they should lose few kilos or pounds. You’ve heard of crash diets, 10-week plans, or slimming shakes that promise you can lose a few pounds soon before the summer holiday. Or fitness devices that ensure that you have a well-trained body within a short while. Most of these diets and slimming methods last only a few weeks and can be very effective in a short period of time. But often, the kilos, which you’ve lost with a lot of effort, are back in no time. Or worse, you even got a kilo extra!

The Sequence Of This Article:

  • Why diets usually do not work
  • Advice before you begin
  • Advice 1: Do not drink any calories but eat them
  • Advice 2: Replace your snacks (but do not eat snacks if you never eat it)
  • Advice 3: Take 1 carbohydrate rich meal every day
  • Advice 4: Take less chance and chew longer
  • Advice 5: Provide a good protein and fat source in each meal
  • Advice 6: Go outside for a minimum of 30 minutes. Bike or walk
  • Advice 7: Do not eat after your evening meal

7 Advice For Weight Loss Without Diet

Advice For Weight Loss Without Diet


Advice For Weight Loss Without Diet – If you continue to enjoy your diet after your diet, you will not change anything, and if you do not change anything, you’ll soon be back on your old weight. Therefore, you can not expect your body to change permanently if you do everything you already do the same (with a short period of time between which you have a lot of sports or diet). That’s an important reason why there are so many people who say they’ve already tried everything. After dieting, they return to the habits they had for it. Then they will be back soon.

How understandable it is that you want to lose weight once you have decided, the experience indicates that “fast-term” is rarely successful in the long run. The only solution for a permanent slender body is therefore without diet. This may seem impossible, but it is true, and it is very simple. You do this step by step by adding more healthy habits to your diet and gradually moving more. In other words, if you want a different body, you will have to live differently, thus achieving a healthier, tighter body in the long run.


Both our body and our brain need time to get used to changes, how small the changes are.Therefore, change up to one thing per week, and add a new change if you feel

Be completely used to the previous change. Sometimes it may take several weeks for you to add a change, which means you may lose less quickly than you would like. However, any change that you carry on permanently contributes to a slimmer body in the long run. Any change, however small, is therefore extremely important for your ultimate result, and for any change, you have made, you can give yourself a knock on your shoulder!


As soon as you eat or drink something, your body will produce hormones that release a saturation signal. This goes on for as long as the hormones reach a certain level, after which your brain receives the signal that you are saturated and no longer want to pass through. If you eat very quickly or drink your calorie-rich drinks like fruit juice and soda, your body can not react quickly enough to produce saturation hormones. The energy coming in is not recorded properly because it comes in so fast. You get more unnecessary calories before your brain gets the signal that you are saturated. It is therefore advisable to get your calories as slowly as possible. You do that by eating them and not drinking because chewing is slowing down the consumption. Especially of sugar-rich drinks such as soda and fruit juice are known to contribute significantly to overweight (Malik et al., 2006), so you should never drink or save for special occasions. Instead, take a glass of water (with a piece of lime, fresh mint or cucumber) or a cup of herbal tea (without sugar).

Tip: Did you go? First, drink a glass of water. Sometimes your body can emit a hunger pimple while you’re actually not hungry but thirsty at all. If you’re really hungry, check that fast enough, because after that you’ll still be hungry after drinking.


Each time you eat carbohydrate or sugar rich foods, your blood sugar levels increase. In response, your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which causes the blood sugar to be led to the cells and lower your blood sugar level. The low blood sugar levels then lead to a feeling of hunger, which means you will eat or drink again. The more sugar you eat, the stronger your blood sugar levels rise and fall and the more you get hungry. A stable blood sugar level is therefore important if you want to lose weight because then you have less pulling between meals. Your blood sugar levels keep you stable by eating as few sugars and quick carbohydrates as possible. If you are still hungry between meals, eat a snack that contains little to no quick carbohydrates and sugars, such as a boiled egg and raw food (cucumber, carrot, tomatoes). No need for snacks? No problem, you do not need any snacks!


Advice For Weight Loss Without Diet – Carbohydrates, which include in bread, cereals, pasta, and potatoes, provide your body with energy in the form of glucose. However, this glucose causes your blood glucose to fluctuate, which causes you to get hungry soon after the meal. Additionally, excessive carbohydrate consumption may cause fat storage, because the carbohydrates that can not be burned instantly save your body as an energy reserve in the form of fat. If you regularly eat a lot of carbohydrates and do not move enough, your body will never allow you to burn those energy reserves. It’s just getting more fat to keep you getting fat and getting fat. Many do not know that the oats have much fewer carbohydrates than we now, and that you do not need so many carbohydrates to survive. If you do not eat carbohydrates, for example, do a lot of traditional Inuit, you can be more healthy if you eat enough high-quality proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. By reducing your carbohydrate consumption, your blood sugar levels become more stable, causing you to get hungry sooner. Eat a carbohydrate-rich meal (bread/pasta /rice) 3 times a day, then go back to 2 times a day. Now eat a carbohydrate rich meal twice a day, then go back to 1 time a day. You decide whether to customize your breakfast, lunch or evening meal, just what you get the best on that day. Adding some examples of carbohydrate dishes:

Low Carbohydrate breakfast


  • 5 walnuts
  • 2 elfloves
  • 5 para nuts
  • 2 el pumpkin seeds
  • 2 el sunflower seeds
  • 1 tablespoon freshly ground flaxseed
  • Fresh fruit (in this case I used blackberries and kiwibes (at the AH).
  • For the cream: ½ tsp fresh vanilla
  • 1/3 cup raw cashew nuts
  • ¼ cup of water

Put the nuts, seeds, flakes, and kernels in your blender and pulse a couple of times to make them a bit finer. Put this apart. Then blend the ingredients to the cream until smooth. Spoon half of the nut and seed mixture into a bowl. Spoon the cream on it. Finish with the rest of the nuts and seeds and use the fruit as a topping.

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  • 3 eggs
  • 25 ml coconut cream
  • 2 tablespoons fresh mint (finely sliced)
  • 100 g diced (thawed)
  • 5 sliced mushrooms
  • optional soft goat cheese
  • 1 black olive ring

Beat in a bowl of eggs with the cream and mince. Add pepper and salt to taste. Sprinkle the dips over the bottom of a large frying pan that is greased with coconut oil and pour the mixture on it. Put him on low heat and fry the frittata with the lid on the pan. If the top is dry, make it with some crushed soft goat cheese and the olives.

Oriental salmon


  • 150 grams of salmon (vegetarian: use tempé)
  • 75 grams of chestnut mushrooms cut into slices
  • 1/3 cucumber cut into cubes
  • 1 shredded shallot
  • 1 el soju or tamari
  • 1 egg
  • hand carrot
  • rasp hand nugget.


  • 1 TB curry powder
  • 1 squeezed garlic clove
  • ½ lemon juice
  • snuff sea salt & pepper

Make the marinade by mixing the ingredients thoroughly. Cut the salmon into cubes and put it in a small frying pan with some coconut oil, put it on low heat and pour the marinade over it.Bake the salmon cubes. In the meantime, bake the vegetables in coconut oil in a large frying pan. Mix the egg with the soy sauce in a small bowl and pour over the vegetables, stir well until the egg is solidified. Spoon the vegetables on a plate and finish with the salmon and possibly some seeds of your choice.


Scientific research has shown that you eat significantly more if you take big happiness (Zijlstra et al., 2009), and that your energy intake is also determined by the amount of time that food is in your mouth (Robinson et al. ., 2014). As you have already read in Advice 1, this is due to the production of saturation hormones, but also the duration of the exposure of nutrition to your mouth contributes to your saturation feeling. If you take small snacks and chew longer, make sure you need less nutrition to get saturated.

Tip: Are you in a hurry to take a small happen? Then eat with a child’s fork or baking fork! You can also avoid too large a meal by eating a smaller plate.


Healthy proteins and fats are not only packed with healthy nutrients, they also make sure your meal is sufficiently saturated and your digestion is delayed, making your stomach less empty.In addition, your blood glucose levels will be more stable if you eat many good proteins and fats and your daily total carbohydrate consumption will not be too high because you automatically eat fewer carbohydrates if you eat more proteins and fats (Dessein et al., 2000). In addition, protein-rich foods provide higher thermogenesis, the heat released by body energy (Halton et al., 2004).


A sitting lifestyle is not only most fun for your weight but especially for your health. Several studies have shown that statistically speaking, people who sit and sit on the bench are significantly more at risk of overweight and cardiovascular disease (Blair et al., 2000) and die much sooner than people who daily Being active (Johnsen et al., 2013). And then we do not care about intensive sports, but just keep moving outdoors, with everything you do. Go ahead with the bike to the supermarket, work in the garden, take a walk or play outside with your children. Fresh air is also good for you because nature rests your immune system. Also, your body produces when you’re out of the ‘lucky hormone’ serotonin, which is converted into sleep hormone melatonin in the evening. Outside of it has several advantages!


Make sure your evening meal is your last meal of the day and eat nothing more, no snacks either. Of course you can enjoy a nice cup of tea (without sugar). Are you hungry in the evening? Eat some more vegetables at your evening meal. Have you eaten a lot of vegetables, you may have had too little protein or healthy fats. A good meal keeps your blood sugar level stable and ensures that you are long saturated so you do not have the pleasure of having a candy in the evening. The best you can eat according to your biorhythms, more about this you can read in this article – Biorhythms and Weight loss – The Most Shocking Reason You Not Losing Weightweight-loss-myths-infographic

Tip: When you eat your teeth immediately after eating, you will soon be tempted to eat again

3+4 Critical & Powerful Life changing Advice – Weight Loss Without Diet: Which advice of the listing will you be following and whats your opinion on the 7 outlined above? Let us know your feedback below because it means a lot to us and remember to hit the share button if you enjoyed this and found it helpful (we would appreciate that) because to us this makes the world a healthier and better place.


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