Top 10 + 4 Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil for Hair (# 5 Can’t Be Ignored)

Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil for Hair- The Coconut Oil has long ceased to be considered a fad; It is already a reality, and rightly so. It is a product with many uses and, better yet, with incredible beneficial properties for the body and with multiple applications for hair.

At first, it may be surprising to apply grease of vegetable origin in the hair and on the skin, but it is proven by the practice itself that Coco Oil works amazingly well by repairing damaged hair, hydrating dry hair and providing acids. fatty with antimicrobial properties in order to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

Main Benefits of Coconut Oil on your Hair

Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil for Hair

Using Coconut Oil regularly will make you get incredible effects on your face and hair and without professional help or expensive utensils. You will not need more than a 500ml bottle of Coconut Oil and have a free moment to improve the appearance of your hair and your skin ostensibly.

These are some of the properties that Coconut Oil houses and that are also the culprits of endowing your hair and your skin with some wonderful positive effects: Coconut Oil on your Hair

  1. The Coconut Oil is or governed 100% natural and plant: Many people claim that it works better than any artificial treatment available in the market having no silicones, alcohols and other chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin and hair.
  2. It is a powerful weapon for the prevention of lice or in the fight against dermatitis and psoriasis. 
  3. The use of Coconut Oil in the hair helps to reduce the loss of proteins and in that way allows to reduce damaged hair.
  4. It is composed mainly of Fatty Acids, specifically by Lauric and Capric Acid, two components with great antimicrobial properties that reinforce the immune system contributing to the defense of the organism.
  5. The fatty acids present in coconut oil function as a fungicidal agent, which makes it immediately an ideal anti-dandruff treatment, both to eliminate it and to prevent it.
  6. The lauric acid has a high affinity for hair protein, which facilitates their penetration into the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight.
  7. Coconut oil is rich in proteins, vitamins E and K, magnesium, iron and potassium, which protect the skin and scalp, keeping it healthy.

Uses of Coconut Oil on your Hair

Coconut oil as a conditioner

You’re about to know how the Coconut Oil is able to give a spectacular shine and ease to your hair in a short time; and best of all, how easy is your application:

  1. It is important to check before starting if the Coconut Oil we have is solidified (this happens when the pot is below approximately 24ºC): in that case it will have to be liquefied simply by putting it in the water bath for a long time.
  2. Having previously clean hairmassage using a few tablespoons to reach the scalp; If your hair is fine, you may want to apply it only directly on the hair to prevent it from clumping at its base.
  3. In areas where the hair is more damaged (as is the case of the tips), it is convenient to use more than that used for areas close to the scalp.
  4. The best advice is to divide all Coconut oil - woman washing hairthe hair into sections and apply the Coconut Oil in one section at a time so that you can make sure that there are no untreated parts of the hair.
  5. Once applied to all the hair, let it rest for 20 or 30 minutes; all this will depend on whether your hair notes it or not too dry, that way you prolong or not this time.
  6. A trick to get more penetration in our hair, is to use a small towel as a turban or even the shower cap you have on hand. As an additional trick, if you heat the towel with a dryer enough to provide a little heat to the treatment, you will maximize the benefits.
  7. To finish, you will only have to rinse your hair with the help of your shampoo or if you prefer, with enough hot water to remove the remains of the entire treatment.

Coconut Oil as Antidandruff Treatment

Through these simple steps, you can check in a short time the effectiveness of Coconut Oil when it comes to treating dandruff :

  • Massage the scalp with a small amount of Coconut Oil
  • Let stand for at least 10 minutes; if it is used before going to bed, you can let it rest throughout the night, in which case we advise you to use a shower cap or place a towel on the pillow.
  • Finally, you will only have to rinse your hair well with hot water or with the help of your shampoo.

Coconut oil as a moisturizing and detangling cream

Coconut oil - woman brushing hair
Woman brushing her hair

You will only need to apply a small amount of Coconut Oil to your hair after showering to eliminate any possible tangles with great ease. The trick is to apply it from the middle of the hair to the tips as a moisturizer for daily use.

Thanks to its 100% natural and vegetable origin, if your skin goes through a drier period or more visible damage, you will have in the Coco Oil the perfect resource to provide your skin with the hydration you need  in a short time.

Aspects to take into account when buying Coconut Oil

  • It is important to make sure that the Coconut Oil we buy is Virgin, obtained from the first cold pressing, that has not been hydrogenated, deodorized, bleached or modified in any other way.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the Virgin Coconut Oil to be purchased has a Virgin and Ecological Certification (Organic).
  • One aspect to check is that the bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil does not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMO).
  • Something that can go unnoticed is the seal of the container: for its price, some retailers buy wholesale and repackage with their own brand without taking into account the minimum hygienic measures that guarantee the quality and safety of the product.

6 Things you should know about Coconut Oil for skin, hair and body

The Virgin Coconut Oil has been recognized lately as a miraculous product for its multiple uses and benefits. Many people had barely heard about Coconut Oil a year ago. Perhaps they imagined it as an ingredient in their curry rice or as an essential oil in herbal medicine, but not as something that could be put on the face, body or hair, at least until now.

The truth is that lately it is very difficult to interview someone about how good their hair or their skin looks without it telling us that part of their secret is the use of Virgin Coconut Oil on a regular basis. From the most famous artists to the most recognized models, the majority of people related to the world of beauty recognize the effect on their skin, hair and face of the continued use of Coconut Oil.

Each person we talk to reveals a new way to use this wonderful product. Some people use it as a facial moisturizer. Some men wear it before and after shaving. Many women who wear a radiant hair use it as a conditioner. Others as humectant and hair repair. But, as we have seen previously in other articles, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Among other things, Coconut Oil is also beneficial to speed up metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Let’s review now 6 reasons why you should include Coconut Oil in your next shopping list:

  1. Coconut oil is better than the average moisturizing facial cream, body milk or hair serum:Commercial moisturizers contain a lot of water, which makes you feel that your skin is hydrated. But as soon as this water dries, the skin loses that momentary hydration. In addition, many commercial moisturizers contain petroleum-based ingredients that can choke the skin. On the contrary, Coconut Oil provides a real and deep hydration. It helps to strengthen the inner layers of the skin and promotes the elimination of dead cells on the outside that make the skin feel dry and rough. It is also equally useful as a hair moisturizer for your hair. To use it in this way, you just have to apply a little coconut oil to the hair, from the root to the tips. On the face, you can use it in the same way you would with a normal moisturizer. Although it has a very greasy appearance, you will see that it absorbs very quickly. One spoonful is enough for the whole body. Change it to your current body lotion and you will see the difference soon.
  2. What to look for when buying Coconut Oil?The first thing is to make sure that the Coconut Oil that we buy is Virgin, obtained from the first cold pressing, that has not been hydrogenated, deodorized, bleached or modified in any other way. It is also important that it does not contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that you have virgin and organic (organic) certification. Another aspect to consider is the seal of the container. For its price, some retailers buy wholesale and repackage their own brand without taking into account the minimum hygienic measures that guarantee the quality and safety of the product. Therefore, it is better to rely on large brands worldwide. We recommend Coconoil Certified Coconut Oil for its excellent value for money, or even on Amazon.
  3. How to keep it properly? Coconut oil is a long-lasting product. No need to keep refrigerated. If it is below 23-24º of temperature, it will present a solid appearance and, above 25-26º, it will become liquid, without this varying or modifying its properties at all. Although the indicated expiration date is usually 2 years from its manufacture, the truth is that this oil can last for decades if it is adequately preserved from direct sunlight (better opaque containers than glass) and moisture .
  4. Why is it a great ingredient for cooking?If you want to use some oil to cook with temperature in a pan, for example, the best oil you can use is undoubtedly Coconut Oil. Being a saturated fat, this oil is much less prone to temperature damage than other cooking oils. It does not rust or become rancid, and its wonderful properties remain unchanged when used in the kitchen. Although some people do not know, Coconut Oil has no cholesterol or hydrogenated fats, so it is very healthy. In fact, in numerous studies, Coconut Oil has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and elevate good cholesterol. The supermodel Miranda Kerr is a big fan of Coconut Oil and is usually added to salads and green tea. Miranda says that she notices its effects on the shine of her hair and on her soft and smooth skin.
  5. The Origins of Coconut Oil: In some parts of the world, the continued use of Coconut Oil on skin and hair has been a tradition for hundreds of years. Many travelers to Asia used to bring small boats of Coconut Oil, as an almost miraculous product that was not available in this part of the world. In the markets of Thailand and the Philippines, it was common to see tourists asking about Coconut Oil. In these markets, local merchants explained to tourists how to use Coconut Oil on their skin and hair.
  6. Health benefits. In addition to the most known benefits of Coconut Oil, there is a supreme health benefit in the use of this ancestral product. Coconut oil is mainly composed of Medium Chain Fatty Acids or medium chain triglycerides. These fats, highly beneficial for the organism, have been deeply studied and it has been proven that their effects on the body due to their continuous intake are multiple, including raising the basal metabolism, strengthening the immune system and contributing to the defense of the body with its effects antivirals, fungicides and antibacterials.

If you are ready to taste the magnificent effects of Coconut Oil  on your skin, your hair and your body in general, do not hesitate to get your first boat in an online store or Amazon.