Top 5 Amazing and Precious Benefits – Coconut Oil and Children

Coconut Oil and Children – We will agree when we affirm that the health of our children comes first, and that is what the advertising brands are so aware of that day after day they bomb our homes with products that do not always fulfill what they promise.COCONUT OIL AND CHILDREN

This article aims to inform of a product that moves away from everything that surrounds the marketing of the children of the house; and that the oil level Coco Vigen provides internal and external health, profits so rich and noticeable that does not scare us relate this product with the most precious: our children.

The coconut oil can give us an important advantage in the growth stage of pequños: as the trend (and preference) natural that they have to eat junk foods is much higher than we would like, use Virgin Coconut Oil in our elaborations will help us to provide them with quality fats and at the same time we will be protecting your immune system .

Discover the 5 most important uses of coconut oil in children

1) The Coconut Oil strengthens your Immune System thanks to the Lauric Acid

baby sleepingThe Virgin Coconut Oil is the richest food in Lauric Acid of nature. It is a special fat precursor of monolaurin, a compound that favors the elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses, thus strengthening your immune system. As nature is wise, human breast milk is rich in lauric acid.

So much so, that Lauric Acid is considered a powerful antiviral with antibacterial properties capable of dealing with viruses such as:

  • The measles
  • The flu
  • Herpes
  • Protozoa such as Giardia Lamblia: protozoa that can parasitize in the digestive tract and produce various pathologies

Another fatty acid from which Coconut Oil is made is Capric Acid, which also constitutes a very potent antimicrobial component, and is even used by the laboratories themselves to eliminate certain species of bacteria.

If you want to satisfy your curiosity, we have this article in which you will learn more about the usefulness of Fatty Acids present in Coconut Oil

2) The Coconut Oil prevents the presence of Lice and the appearance of Dermatitis

little boy kissing dogIt would not occur to us to apply chemical agents in the hair of our children, right? Unfortunately, most of the treatments used in the fight against lice involve the use of pesticides, which is far from being a natural and healthy remedy for your hair.

Thanks to some Southeast Asian cultures that incorporated it into their consumption habits from their ancestors, it has been proven how the Virgin Coconut Oil is not only capable of fighting lice, but is very effective in preventing its appearance; and most importantly, you have the security of using a 100% natural product.

This beneficial use of Coconut Oil is due to its medium chain fatty acids that behave as toxic agents for parasites in general and for lice in particular.

Unlike what happens with other treatments that are purchased in pharmacies, Coconut Oil does not need to be rinsed after use, so it respects much more the health of the hair and scalp of the smallest.

But the beneficial effects of Virgin Coconut Oil on the external health go further: there are a number of dermatological conditions known as Eczema, which cause dermatitis or inflammation of the skin, manifesting in the form of outbreaks from early ages. The use of Coconut Oil on the affected area itself is one of the most natural and effective remedies known.

3) Coconut Oil maintains blood glucose levels by preventing or combating Diabetes

Just look at any study related to diabetes, to realize that the professionals of medicine and nutrition agree when talking about the positive consequences of having a low diet both in carbohydrate consumption and of refined sugars, highlighting the importance of the intake of quality proteins and fats.

The fact that type II diabetes can be combated with Virgin Coconut Oil is given by the power of medium chain saturated fatty acids that have the virtue of being metabolized directly into energy and not converted into glucose, which helps to maintain stable blood glucose levels.

Another incredible property of these fatty acids is their ability to reduce appetite due to refined carbohydrates that favor insulin resistance, which gives this oil the ability to control food cravings and appetite.

4) Coconut oil provides quality fats to your menus and prevents overweight

father and sons - coconut oilThe feeding habits of our children begin to form at the moment they stop drinking milk as the only food or at the moment of starting with solid food. It is at this stage when it is essential to build proper eating habits and, as we are their only reference, they will copy our good or not so good habits.

By including Virgin Coconut Oil in our diet, we will be directly consolidating healthy eating habits in them and, most importantly, we will be helping them in the prevention from the first stages of life to the appearance of disorders and diseases linked to nutrition such as Obesity, already known as “the disease of the 21st century”.

Again, it is the medium chain fatty acids that give Virgin Coconut Oil the ability to help stimulate the metabolism by being digested in a very special way.

Surely you’ve heard of someone suffering from thyroid and that translates into problems to lose weight. Thanks to the metabolic effect of Coconut Oil, the activity of the thyroid is increased and in turn, a greater contribution of energy is generated (something that is very well used to improve sports performance).

5) Coconut oil helps improve and maintain your oral hygiene

It is amazing how a single product is capable of gathering so many qualities. When you get to this point where we tell you that Coconut Oil is capable of producing surprisingly beneficial effects for the mouth, you wonder why I would not have known before its existence!

You should know that Coconut oil used as toothpaste or mouthwash helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium, fundamental elements for a better development of teeth from an early age. At the same time, its use in oral hygiene prevents gingivitis, cavities and diseases related to the gums.

The trick to make your toothpaste with Coconut Oil is to mix a little oil with baking soda; And if you want to use it as a mouthwash, just mix a little oil with warm water.

Coconut oil for children

Some people are reluctant to introduce changes in their children’s diet. Even so, many of these children suffer from overweight or other degenerative diseases. Einstein said that if you were not happy with the results you obtained, you changed the way you did what you were doing, and this time Virgin Coconut Oil plays a key role in the children’s diet.

As we have seen in other articles, Coconut Oil can be used with ease in the kitchen. In fact, by using Virgin Coconut Oil in our daily kitchen we reduce the glycemic load and prevent obesity. This is because the medium chain fatty acids contained in Coconut Oil do not convert into glucose to provide energy, like most foods, but are metabolized into energy directly, primarily in the liver.

If we prepare our children’s meals using Virgin Coconut Oil, not only will we be protecting them from overweight, but we will also be strengthening their immune system. As we wrote Coconut Oil is a powerful bactericidal agent that helps keep microbes, bacteria and fungi at bay, creating a natural defense layer in our body.

In addition, if our children suffer from a skin problem or even create dandruff at puberty, we can use the Virgin Coconut Oil by applying it directly to the skin and hair, obtaining great results.

Another aspect to keep in mind about Coconut Oil is its ability to act as a natural sweetener. When we go to prepare our favorite pastry recipes for our children, we can make them replacing any fat or butter with Virgin Coconut Oil. This will bring a natural sweetness to the recipe that will allow us to use less sugar or even not use sugar at all in the recipe, greatly benefiting the health of children.

As for fast food, which children love, Virgin Coconut Oil is a great ally for frying and baking this type of food. When frying in Coconut Oil, the food will be crispy and will not absorb as much fat as when fried in other cheaper oils. In addition, it should be remembered that among the magnificent properties of the Virgin Coconut Oil is the fact that it does not degrade when cooking at high temperatures with it. Therefore, it is possible to fry and reuse the same oil several times without it becoming dark or brownish.