13+ 3 Common Causes Why You Are Not Losing Weight – Bad Habits

Common Causes Why You Are Not Losing Weight (Bad Habits) – You eat healthily but you do not lose weight. What’s wrong? Check out these common causes to get rid of your plateau and fall back on.

Step 1 – What is your definition of healthy?

I meet so many people who say they eat healthily – then slide a league or an egg cake inward. Or lunch with a white sandwich with margarine and processed chicken fillet.

Healthy food is not complicated, not expensive and not difficult. But most people do not see the forest through the trees. Because what is now healthy and what is not healthy?

This question I have asked in recent years, after which I began to divorce hype, cultural ballast, economic interests and sound nonsense of well-conducted scientific research.

And you know what? There is not so much discussion among scientists about what is healthy and what not. The debate is raging mainly in the commercial sector. The food producers, large pharmaceuticals, the medical sector, the “corrupt” researchers who receive their money from parties with interests in the outcome of their research, the ideological foodstuffs, the popular media and the lobbyists of all these parties that confuse the government.

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And if I have to summarize my simple findings of healthy nutrition in one sentence, it’s as follows:

Move towards an eating pattern that consists of unprocessed vegetable food as much as possible. Where raw means that nothing bad is added and nothing good is removed.

Does your eating pattern not look like that? Then you know that you can make changes to live healthier.

16 common causes that people do not lose weight

common causes Why you are not losing weight

Below are 16 common causes that make people who indicate healthy eating do not lose weight.

  1. Your definition of ‘healthy’ does not match reality – Slices of chicken fillet contain less fat than slices of bacon. But they still contain saturated fat, dozens of additives and various carcinogens. That’s something “skinny” compared to another unhealthy product, do not want to say it promotes your health. You’ll see little promotion for fruit and vegetables on television – but countless commercials for foods that make you sick and fat. If someone tries to sell it as “healthy” then it’s almost always the opposite.
  2. You use a lot of oil – Oil is a highly processed product, it does not grow on a tree. It contains many calories and low nutritional value. Olive oil is strongly promoted as a healthy alternative to animal fats. But that does not mean that it is healthy in itself. If you eat a lot of olive oil, you will only get fat in your blood vessels, on your stomach, and between your organs. So be wise with oil and use it sparingly.
  3. You eat too few fibers – Fibers give you a full feeling, feed your intestinal flora (so-called prebiotics) and help keep you healthy. You eat less, poop better and feel less bloated. Fibers are only found in plants. So the more fiber you eat, the more vegetables, fruits and whole grains you get in.
  4. You eat little or no legumes – Legumes contain many fibers and unique substances that regulate your blood sugar level. If you have lunch with legumes, your blood sugar levels increase less during dinner. This will make it easier for you to keep on weight. Most people eat legumes only a few times a month, while the recommendation should be around 3 servings a day. Use beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh or hummus daily to take advantage of this.
  5. You eat many sophisticated sugars – In unprocessed vegetable food, you will not find sophisticated sugars. Yes, fruit contains sugar. But when you eat a piece of fruit as a whole, these sugars do not have a negative effect on your body. Isolated sugar does, however, because it is not packaged with fibers and other nutrients. And note: sugar is sugar. So less also with the ‘healthy’ sugars like honey, agave syrup, palm sugar, coconut sugar, etc. Enjoy your food with fresh fruit or whole-dried fruits.
  6. You eat a lot of meat and fish – Meat and fish contain nutrients, that is true. But these nutrients can be obtained from vegetable nutrition (except B12). Meat and fish have negative side effects in your body. Such as small inflammations throughout your body and an increased risk of all kinds of conditions. Vegetable foods have other side effects, such as a radiant skin, an anti-inflammatory effect and a reduced risk of all kinds of conditions. And it also contains much less calories.
  7. You eat a lot of cheese and other dairy – Cheese is not healthy – what the cheese industry makes us wise too. This applies to a lesser extent also for other dairy products. Yes – Dairy contains calcium. But that calcium can also be extracted from vegetables, without the saturated fat burden, the irritated bowel wall, the enormous load of calories and the increased risk of all kinds of conditions including (ironically) bone remediation.
  8. You eat highly processed products – Whole food makes your body happy. A whole wheat flour is a recognizable raw product (nothing added only, nothing removed well). An average ‘brown’ supermarket bread is made of flour (many fibers removed) and a whole set of additives and rare ingredients such as sugar. Even if you think you are doing well, you are often considered. And you’ll see that back in your swimming pools.
  9. You drink calories – The sugars you drink are quickly and easily converted into fat – with the exception of smoothies with all fruits. A glass of coke contains no fibers and nutrients to control the uptake, so it goes almost directly to your hips. And yes, this also applies to fruit juice. Without the flesh, it’s simply not good for the line. Drinking does not have to contain calories. Drink herbal teas, green tea, black coffee (without sugar), homemade green smoothies and water. Do not you think that’s sweet enough? Then take the time to get used to it. Everybody likes water. If that were not the case then there would simply be no people.
  10. You eat too many healthy fats – Nuts and avocados are healthy and delicious. It is full of nutrition – but it also contains a lot of calories. If you want to lose weight, it may be better not to eat continuous avocados. The same is true for dried fruit. A bag of raisins is so empty and contains quite a lot of calories. Try to do this with two bowls of grapes. Then you get so full that you stop yourself.
  11. You eat too few nuts . But do not make the mistake of eating no nuts. Not only do they extend your life and reduce the risk of all kinds of diseases. Nuts can also give you a saturated feeling. Keep it handy for a day to enjoy the benefits without having the drawbacks.
  12. You eat little food with low calories – Vegetables contain low calories, so if you eat more than you can eat large portions without arriving. You feel saturated and you do not get fat. So pour more mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, beans, broccoli and other vegetables through your dishes to make them healthier and lighter.
  13. You are too much – If you have a lot of things, something changes in your metabolism, causing your sugar to turn into your fat faster. That’s the reason that people who sit on average live shorter on average. So sit down, get more and move more. Maybe you can work for a few hours a day?
  14. You are moving too little – You do not have to do much to lose weight. The harder you are going to play, the more you will eat again. But as long as you move moderately intensively, you get the benefits without the disadvantages. Stroll more, take stairs, bike more often. Tissue more movement in your daily life without continuously debuting yourself. Of course, regular sports are very healthy – but it’s not essential to lose weight.
  15. You are dieting – Do not. Rather, work on your daily habits to get the calories a day. This way you can stay on weight for the rest of your life. For example, replace your breakfast with oatmeal with fruit, then your snack to a piece of fruit, then your lunch for soup or salad, etc. Until your day is largely based on whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit.
  16. You are suffering from something – Do you eat a lot of unprocessed fruit and vegetables? Do you move regularly, do not you drink a mess and eat little animal and processed products? Then you may have a medical problem that prevents you from falling off. In that case, please go to the general practitioner. But keep healthy food – because you always do more than evil for your body!

Small steps – great fun

Make small adjustments in your eating pattern to shake off your excess kilos. Because if you transform a change into habit, you automatically manage to stay on the rest of your life while at the same time reducing your chance of ailments.

How to Stay Consistent Losing Weight

So pour the pre-produced sugar rich ‘healthy’ muesli bars out of your life – and pack a piece of fruit. Cheaper, just as nutritious and a lot better for your body and the line.