To 10 + 1 Golden Cosmetic Uses of Coconut Oil That Are Unimaginable

Cosmetic Uses of Coconut Oil – Do you want to be pretty but you’re tired of having 20 different products in your beauty routine? Let us show you these 11 amazing cosmetic uses of Coconut Oil that will allow you to save money and space if you put them into practice. We guarantee that your beauty ritual will not be the same again because using Virgin Coconut Oil in this way you can perform more than one treatment simultaneously. Surprising, right? Read and see how easy it is. Sure you have already read about Virgin Coconut Oil for skin or hair in general, but this article goes a step further and surely this wonderful product will captivate you.

These are the 11 amazing cosmetic uses of Coconut Oil:

Cosmetic Uses of Coconut Oil

  1. Hair Mask: The Coconut Oil is solid, with a creamy texture, below 23 degrees of temperature (76º F). When you’re in the shower, melt some of the oil on your hands after you’ve washed your head with shampoo. Apply the oil generously throughout the hair and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it. You will see how hydration and shine envelop your hair during the next days. If you want an Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with a touch of vitamin E, specifically designed to be used as a hair mask.
  2. Body Oil: The smooth texture of Coconut Oil, which melts on contact with the skin, makes it a magnificent body moisturizing balm. Apply it when leaving the shower, with the skin still hot, and allow its components to penetrate the skin and repair it from the inside. For a deeper experience, add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil to your tropical scent and immerse yourself in a state of total relaxation.
  3. Lip Balm: The cut lips have nothing to do with the restorative power of Virgin Coconut Oil. Always carry a little in your bag in a small container and use it as a balm for your lips mistreated by the cold, the wind or the sun. Its effects are immediate and its taste extraordinary.
  4. Cuticle softener: If you’re tired of having these cuticles so dry and battered, try softening them with a little Coconut Oil. You’ll never have cuticles that dry again. Once you try it, you will use it daily. Just apply a very small amount on each finger and massage the cuticle until you feel it soften and return to its natural position. In addition, Virgin Coconut Oil hardens the nails and moisturizes the skin around them, including the cuticle.
  5. Cream under the eyes: Do you have wrinkles, dark circles or fine lines? Try applying a small amount of Coconut Oil under your eyes and the effects will surprise you. The dark circles will be reduced and the wrinkles and lines of expression will be disguised instantaneously. With your daily application, you will see how they are reduced and the skin regains its natural smoothness.
  6. Anti-frizz cream: If your problem is curling hair, Virgin Coconut Oil can help. In fact, if you use it daily you will see how the frizz is reduced and your hair can stand much longer between sessions. In addition, you will get an additional point of brightness and hydration.
  7. Illuminator: The skin can look fresher, brighter and hydrated if you apply a little Coconut Oil in the appropriate places. Try putting it on the top of your cheeks, on the cupid arrow (the hollow in the middle of your upper lip) or on top of your eyebrows. You will notice how your face rejuvenates as if by magic in a few seconds.
  8. Make-up remover: Coconut oil is a natural makeup remover very appropriate to remove makeup, even the most rebellious. A teaspoon or even less is enough to remove all the daily makeup, even the base powder. Use a towel impregnated with Virgin Coconut Oil applying a gentle massage throughout the area you want to clean and watch as makeup disappears easily, leaving skin clean and hydrated.
  9. Body Scrub: Mix half a cup of salt or sugar with the same amount of Virgin Coconut Oil and use the mixture as a body exfoliating cream. The results will be immediate and your skin will also be protected thanks to the medium chain fatty acids that are naturally contained in Coconut Oil. It is especially applied in rebel areas such as elbows or knees to obtain better results.
  10. Depilarotia Cream: If you are going to use a blade to depilate, apply a thin layer of Virgin Coconut Oil to your skin before beginning. Use it as a substitute for your usual cream or depilatory foam. In addition to not containing chemicals and acting as a shaving lubricant, Coconut Oil provides you with an extra hydration that your skin needs just after the process.
  11. Hand Cream: Before going to bed, massage your hands with a small portion of Coconut Oil and allow the punished cells of the skin of your hands to regenerate during the night. The results will be visible the next morning and you will not go back to bed without using a little Virgin Coconut Oil in your hands.

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Coconut Oil in Cosmetics

The Coconut oil has been used in the manufacture of cosmetic products for many years. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have included coconut aroma in their products in an attempt to adjudge the properties of Coconut Oil by the simple fact of smelling coconut in an effort to lower their production costs and, therefore, their quality.

Coconut oil, for its antimicrobial properties, is a magnificent preservative for cosmetic compounds, but beyond its conservation function, it is used as a base oil to prepare all kinds of formulas. In addition, in cosmetic products for skin application, the properties of Coconut Oil contribute enormously to the care of the skin, forming an antimicrobial barrier that protects the entire surface in which a product formulated with Coconut Oil has been applied for hours. In this article on this website, we talked about the benefits of Coconut Oil for the skin and, as is logical, these benefits are extrapolated to those people who use cosmetic products that include Coconut Oil in its composition.

Returning to the subject of the preservative, with all that has been talked about the harmful effects of parabens in the body, some manufacturers are choosing to eliminate parabens from their formulas including Coconut Oil as a natural preservative. A recent example is the high cosmetic brand Skinergiè, which recently announced that its body range consisting of a body milk and four sunscreens will not contain parabens and will include Coconut Oil in its composition. In effect, the manufacturer Caycom It is based on the use of Coconut Oil to eliminate harmful substances from its high-end cosmetic products despite the fact that the cost of introducing Coconut Oil into its formulas is much higher than using other cheaper oils that are commonly used in cosmetics.

But how can we know if a cosmetic product has Coconut Oil in its composition? Fortunately, the formulas of cosmetic products are written, by regulation, using an international language called INCI – which some confuse with Latin. This language allows a user to identify a substance contained in a cosmetic product regardless of the nationality of the same. In our specific case, we will identify the Coconut Oil in the formulas of the cosmetic products looking for the Cocos Nucisfera Oil compoundin the list of ingredients. If we find this ingredient in the list we can affirm that the compound has Coconut Oil. Although it is impossible, looking at the formula, know the exact amount of any of the ingredients, if it is possible to know the amount of product in relation to the other ingredients of the formula. In effect, the list of ingredients of the formula is ordered from more to a lesser amount of product used in the formulation.

If, on the other hand, a product bears coconut aroma, it will be camouflaged in the formula under an aroma with a number, something like Perfum xxxx where xxxx is a multi-digit number.

With this simple procedure, we can know if a product actually has Coconut Oil, which provides a considerable amount of benefits or contains only coconut aroma, which only brings the benefit of a pleasant fragrance.