Over 50 + Adorable and Cute Unusual Baby Names That You Will Cherish

Cute Unusual Baby Names – It confirms some of the unusual names of cute babies for boys and girls who are booming. Every year, surveys and predictions are made to see what were and what will be the most chosen names for babies by their parents. These lists are always welcomed by parents, especially by those who still do not know what name to give their children. The list is inspirational and helps a lot when it hits the doubt.

Cute Unusual Baby Names

A few years ago, some names always appear on the list of most requests. But, everything can change from one moment to another. It is that many variables can arise and interfere, for example, music and television.

If you already know if you are expecting a girl or a boy and are looking for the perfect name, here are the bets for next year:

Names of Cute Babies for Boys and Girls

Names of Cute Babies for Boys and Girls

The most chosen names for girls

Among the most chosen names for the girls, there are some that have already become classic and very popular in the country. They are Maria Júlia, Alice, Sofia, Olivia, Maya, Mariana, Beatriz, Lara, Valentina, Luisa, Laura, Julia, Agatha, Alicia, Bianca, Liz, Yasmin, Manuela, Clara, Gabriela, Ana, Giovana, Melissa, Heloísa, and Isadora.

The most popular names among boys

Guess what’s the first name? It’s Miguel, a name that has been among the most requested for some time. The most chosen names for boys are: Antonio, Bento, Gael, Joao, José, Noah, Lucca, Nicolas, Miguel, Artur, Enzo, Bernardo, Gabriel, Bryan, Guilherme, Pedro, Lucas, David, Gustavo, Lorenzo, Heitor, Theo, Rafael, Mateus, Nicolas, Caio and Daniel

Other bets for boys and girls

But not only these the most chosen names. Check out other bets below:

For girls:

  • Helena – The Enlightened One
  • Lívia – means “clear” or “pale”
  • Pietra – What does “stone” mean?
  • Nicole – The victorious
  • Emanuelle – It means “God with us”
  • Cecília – Wise Woman
  • Eduarda – It means “the guardian”
  • Barbara – The Foreigner
  • Lorena – It means “the kingdom of the warrior”
  • Mary – Symbolizes purity
  • Letícia – Means “joy”
  • Larissa – Lovely
  • Victory – The winner
  • Laís – A popular
  • Mariana – Pure and graceful woman
  • Bruna – Beautiful brunette
  • Rafaela – It means “healed by God”
  • Brenda – The Smart One
  • Camila- The “messenger of the Gods”
  • Sara – The Princess
  • Alana – The Rock
  • Esther – The Star

The most popular names among boys

For boys:

  • Victor – The Victorious
  • Felipe – Friend of the horses
  • Yuri – The light of God
  • Eduardo – The Protector of Riches
  • Bruno – The tan
  • John – God’s Grace
  • Benjamin – The son of happiness
  • Samuel – It means “his name is God”
  • James – It means “one who comes from the heel”
  • Leonardo – Strong as a feline
  • Igor – The farmer
  • Vinícius – The winemaker
  • Diogo – The teacher
  • Louis – “Glorious Warrior”
  • Hugo – The Wise
  • Kevin – “Loved since birth”
  • André – It means “masculine man”
  • Diego – The Counselor
  • Emanuel – “God with us”

The fashion of the time is to put strong names on babies, names of kings and princes are the most remembered in this list. Disney’s princesses have not been left out of this list either, the latest movies and characters from the magical world of Disney. Here are the names and meanings that have already become a trend.

Names for Baby Girls:

  • Sophia – She is the youngest princess of Disney, the name means “wisdom”.
  • Anna – It is the name of the charismatic character of the film Frozen, who besides the children, also charmed many papas and moms. Anna means “graceful”.
  • Helena – Name of a queen in Greek Mythology, the name is considered very strong because it was heroine in its history. The name means “the sparkling one.”
  • Eva – Known as the first woman of humanity, the name that although short, is remembered as one of the most significant. Eve means “the living,” “the living,” or “full of life.”
  • Elisa – The name has already been used in a very famous literary work, as the first queen of Carthage. The name means “God is abundance” or “glad”.
  • Betina – Variation of Elisabeth, Betina became popular by the meaning; “God’s promise”.
  • Deborah – Strong name of the Bible, Deborah was a woman considered a prophetic judge. The name means bee, representing work and effort.
  • Livia – Of Roman origin, Livia was Empress. Its meaning is “clear.”
  • Marina – Known for the famous Dorival Caymmi song, The name has already fallen in the taste of Brazilians. Marina means “that comes from the sea”.
  • Catherine – Name used by many Queens of Europe, but of Greek origin. Catherine means “pure”.

Names For Baby Boys

  • Arthur – The name that most represents the king. Arthur means “stone” or “great bear.”
  • David – The name of the great king of Israel is one of the leaders when choosing the names of Brazilian babies. David means “beloved.”
  • Vicente – It is the name of several saints, its meaning is one of the main reasons for the choice of name; it means “winner.”
  • Gael – Many moms are opting for short names for babies, Gael is one of the most popular of them. The name means “blessed.”
  • Noah – Variation of Noah, a biblical character who builds an ark to escape the flood. The name means “one who lives a lot”.
  • Thales – Greek origin, Thales means “verdant”, “what is flowering”.
  • Benicio – One of the most used names in 2014, Benicio means “the one that goes well”, or “what is always good.”
  • Bento – Famous for its use in the nomenclature of a Pope, of Latin origin, Benedict means “blessed.”
  • Kevin – Name of Irish origin, Kevin means “what was born beautiful”.
  • Joaquim – The name considered “old fashioned” returned with everything in 2015. Also the name of a king, Joaquim means “God established”.

Over 50 + Adorable and “Cute Unusual Baby Names” That You Will Cherish – Which of the names are you considering or the one you would love to give your baby boy or girl?