Top 10 + 2 Powerful Tips To change YOUR Life - Burnout Diet

Top 10 + 2 Powerful Tips To change YOUR LIFE – Burnout Diet

Diet Burnout – Let’s have a look at burnouts and the role nutrition plays. More and more people in the world are suffering from a burnout. You do work that is not really your passion and then overtime is still too much demanded. Or just if you do work that makes you full of passion, making you take too much hay on your fork. There are several roads leading to Rome and several ways to get a burnout. These 10 Powerful Tips If Not The Best – Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Weight Loss are necessary for you o have and know.

In order to make sure you treat the burnout well, I’m going to focus on the role of nutrition, movement and resting the development and treatment of a burnout.

If you suffer from a burnout due to work or mantle care, this is often recognized by a blurred feeling. You may also be somewhat cynical and short. You can even get complaints that also belong to people with depression. A sense of hopelessness and that you can not do anything else can rob you.

So a burnout is really no fun.

A burnout is primarily a mental disorder, but your brain is also part of your body and therefore we look at the role of nutrition, motion and rest when developing and treating the burnout.

Burnout: the role of nutrition

Nutrition does not in itself affect the emergence of the burnout, as these are often external factors related to stress triggers, but there are significant similarities among people who are at greater risk of getting a burnout.

Research has shown that people with a higher risk of burnout often have an unhealthy diet. A study specifically aimed at women shows that women with a high risk of burnout often eat more emotionally. The food is then used as a means of postponing or ignoring the burnout.

In addition to the unhealthy diet, more alcohol is often used.

If you want to give birth to a burnout, it’s important to remember that people who have a healthy diet are less likely to burn out than people with an unhealthy diet.

Nutrition and the emergence of a burnout

You are what you eat and this also means that if you do not eat healthy you are not really healthy. A burnout is often a psychological complaint and therefore brain health foods are important to prevent burnout.

Additionally, a burnout is often the result of a lack of energy to do the things you need to do or to recover from a hard workday in the evening.

Nutrition that is healthy for the brain include:

  • Nutrition rich in magnesium .
  • Nutrition rich in omega 3 .
  • Nutrition rich in vitamin B12 .

Magnesium is often found in whole grain products. So whole wheat bread or spelled bread . Omega 3 is often found in fish and in olives . The vitamin B12 is mainly derived from animal sources, such as dairy, eggs and meat.

Energy from nutrition gets you especially from the antioxidants and B vitamins. These are much to be found in fruit and vegetables.

So if you eat high-fat food and sugar-rich foods, you do not really do anything to support your brain and give yourself energy. These are often even foods that cost the right energy, at least in the long run.

Nutrition in repairing a burnout

The study of the diet of women at risk of burnout indicates that the burnout, the mental side must first be treated and then only the diet has to be changed. Learn about Stress and Cortisol – How Stress and Cortisol can Affect Your Body.

If you have treated the mental side of the burnout then you can take the following steps to re-energize yourself with food.

Tip 1: Eat more antioxidants

Antioxidants include vitamin A and vitamin C.They play an important role in slowing down the body’s aging. In addition, vitamin C together with the B vitamins plays an important role in your energy management. The extra energy makes it easier for you to pick up your life and enjoy me-time.

Tip 2: Eat more fibers

By eating high- fat foods , make sure you do not get too many calories. In addition, it helps your stool and it can also take a lot of energy. It promotes that certain unhealthy fats leave your body with the stools by adhering to the indigestible fibers.

Fibers include fruit, leafy vegetables and whole grain products.

Tip 3: Drink more water

Our body needs water and, unfortunately, many people drink less water than that is minimal for them. Instead, moisture is extracted from food to maintain sufficient body hydration, but then you eat too much and often too badly.

By drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, ensure that you are able to function optimally.

Tip 4: Eat more fish or take omega 3

Fish is extremely healthy for all kinds of reasons. There are almost only good fats in and often too much magnesium. It is twice as good for you because fish improves the functioning of your brain and causes you to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Both mentally and physically, fish can greatly help you to suffer from burnout complaints.

Burnout: The role of movement

The recommendation for adults in the Netherlands is half an hour’s movement per day, which may be a walk, but why does that recommendation actually exist? Moving is of course healthy for your muscles and bones and you are lucky to get dust from dopamine .

To what extent does this affect a burnout?

Research shows that movement has a good influence on our body and our brain, but is it good enough to prevent burnout?

This has been investigated in a clinic by comparing 2 groups of people, namely people who travel a lot and people who do not move much. This study showed that people who move more are less likely to suffer from burnout complaints, but this does not necessarily have to come through the movement. The difference was not significant.

Movement does not have to prevent a burnout.

Movement in the event of a burnout

Moving more instead of moving does not have to prevent a burnout. So if you feel busy and think you can exercise stress, you can take a nap just as much to relax.

You may, of course, go for the exercise option because overall it is good for your body and important bio markers, such as cholesterol , blood pressure and blood sugar levels are also reduced.

What is a sign on the wall when a burnout occurs is that if you normally move enough, you stop doing time for the activities that give you a burnout.

For example, a yoga teacher who got a burnout by personal circumstances stopped with her meditation. Stopping these kinds of moments is a sign on the wall that something goes wrong.

Movement in the recovery of a burnout

Research in men who suffered from a burnout showed that they participated in an aerobics program of 12 weeks, which is 3 months, the movement directly affected the degree of burnout.

Movement caused these men to be less affected by their burnout complaints.

Per week the men had to consume at least 17.5 calories per kilogram of body weight while exercising. So, if you weigh 80 kilos, it’s 1400 calories. If you’re really sporty, like aerobics, running and strength training, 3 hours of exercise in the week are generally enough to burn this amount of calories.

The changes, according to the researchers, were even so great that this has practical implications for the treatment of a burnout. This probably means that sports must become a permanent part to get the most out of a burnout.

To find the right way of motion for yourself, I have some tips for you to move to restore a burnout.

Tip 5: Move for at least 30 minutes a day

This minimum ensures that your body continues to function properly. Your intestines often also improve your stool. If you have little energy, just making a walk or a simple bike ride is enough. Then you can build it later into a more intense form of movement.

Tip 6: Sport 3 hours a week

The study in men with a burnout showed that there was a big difference in burnout complaints after they had been portraying for 3 months. Therefore, find a form of movement that makes you happy and try to do it at least 3 times a week.

In the survey the men did aerobics. This offers at least proven opportunities.

Tip 7: Experiment with alternative modes of motion

If fitness, running , cycling or swimming is nothing for you and you would like to move it, it’s important to explore other forms of motion. Dancing and yoga are, for example, modes of motion that do not always feel like sports, making it much more fun to move and your motivation to do this is also greater.

Burnout: The Role of Rest

Rest is something that many people with a burnout suffer from. But what rest is good rest? Is rest literally lying on the couch or does meditation, sport or me-time do you feel comfortable?

We know in any case the moments when you do not have to think about work or to care task that you span of touch reduces stress and creates again a reduction in the risk of burnout.

Rest in the event of a burnout

Rest does not really matter when a burnout occurs, you do not have it. Many people who suffer from a burnout are not working on their own 24/7 but with their work or care.

Due to the fact that they have no time resting, it is difficult to recharge the battery and this may cause a burnout.

Rest while restoring a burnout

There are two treatment methods that are often investigated to make the rest of someone with a bunrout really useful. It is about using cognitive behavioral techniques and Qi gong.

The techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy are:

  • How to deal with stress.
  • How you sleep and recover from a hard day.
  • How you look at yourself.
  • How you respond to situations.
  • Awareness of how you respond to situations.
  • What thoughts you have for yourself.

These are mostly mental processes, but they show that sleep is important for rest and that mental rest is also important to restore a burnout.

This mental rest will keep calm in stressful situations, instead of chasing a racing horse. In some cases, this requires a different view of yourself. For example, the way you identify you need to be disconnected from the work you do and move more to your own character traits and hobbies.

This allows you to respond differently in stressful situations.

Also the thoughts about yourself can make it difficult to recover from a burnout. If you find yourself stupid because you have a burnout, that is not a healthy mindset that speeds up your recovery.

To keep your mind more positive and to keep you calm, mindfulness is a good technique. This also creates more rest periods on a working day, which makes it easier to pick up your work after sufficient recovery.

Another technique for rest being investigated is Qi Gong. Qi Gong is a Chinese Movement of Movement that provides better physical and mental health.

For example, you can do certain physical exercises with Qi gong or static exercises with or without a long period of time. This Chinese movement is comparable to yoga and meditation.

Both Qi gong and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques provide after a burnout for more rest and for significant recovery of the burnout. Thus, it helps in restoring the burnout.

To help you take your physical and mental rest I have some tips for you.

Tip 8: Sleep at least 8 hours a night

Try it anyway. If possible, you can put the alarm clock later or just go to bed a few hours earlier. A good sleep hygiene also helps to help this transition to previous sleep. So dim lights and no television or internet for sleep.

Tip 9: Do not take your work home

In Germany, even by law, your boss can not bother you in private time. So take the staple in your own hands and check your mail no longer when you’re done working. Even when you work at home, you must set a rule that this does not happen after a certain time. Leave the trouble for what they are, there you can watch fresh energy tomorrow.

Tip 10: Repeat positive sentences about yourself

This might sound very stupid. But by being positive about yourself in the morning you can have more energy for the rest of the day . Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat some motivational sentences and phrases that make you take your rest when needed, such as:

I am amazing.

I am entitled to a break.

I’m good at my subject.

I’m there for my family.

Tip 11: Meditate

After or for these sentences, you can also meditate for another 10 minutes. By doing this at the start of the day, take a moment of rest. This can make you start the day with a lot less stress.

Tip 12: Keep an eye on your mind

Mindfulness is a good way to keep an eye on your mind. Note that thoughts are only thoughts, so you do not need to worry about it. Keeping your attention in here and now will prevent stressful thoughts about what you should do all day and negative thoughts about whether or not you can.


Nutrition, movement and rest, all three have a role in the emergence and cure of a burnout. Especially the lack of rest, movement and healthy nutrition can contribute to a burnout and therefore it is important for the prevention and recovery of a burnout to be healthy, to move and to have both mental and physical rest. Diarrhea and Stress: 5 Nutritional + 3 Lifestyle + 7 Great Psychological Tips if you are having any unusual sight of diarrhea this will be helpful.