5 Highly Effective Tips + 3 Ways On How To Balance Hormones

5 Highly Effective Tips + 3 Ways On How To Balance Hormones

How To Balance Hormones – Hormones are substances that can transmit a message to cells, affecting the metabolism and function of an organ. Hormones respond to changes in, as well as to changes outside the body. Especially our lifestyle and living environment determine whether this is happening in a good way. The problem is, however, that in the last decades much has changed in our lifestyle and living environment, which makes hormones increasingly unbalanced. Below I give you 7 practical tips to help you restore your hormonal balance.

Restore your hormonal balance: avoid quick sugars

Make sure you do not get too fast sugars. This causes your blood sugar level to rise too fast, so your body needs to make insulin again to lower blood sugar levels. This disrupts your hormonal balance. Therefore, read before you buy a product, the label on the back of the package. This indicates exactly how much sugar is in it. The following sugar-rich products can better avoid or eat very limited foods:

  • Mashed potatoes;
  • Cake;
  • Milk chocolate;
  • Cruesli;
  • Muesli with many dried fruits;
  • Cornflakes;
  • Soda;
  • Fruit juices;
  • Creation lemonade;
  • Dried fruit;
  • Icecreams;
  • Cookies;
  • Muesli bars;
  • Pasta, wraps and non-whole grain pizza bases;
  • Sauces (applesauce, tomato ketchup etc.);
  • Candy;
  • Sugar syrup;
  • Cake;
  • Deserts;
  • White bread, white spheres, and sprouts;
  • White rice;
  • Sweet loaf of bread such as chocolate pasta, jam, apple syrup, powdered sugar, mice, sprinkles.

Natural foods that contain the good sugars and carbohydrates are: ‘tubers, bulbs, carrots, seeds, vegetables, and fruit’. These sources of nutrition do not disturb your blood sugar levels. This is because these foods contain fibers that inhibit sugar intake. Replace sugar-rich products for tubers, bulbs, carrots, seeds, vegetables and to a limited extent fruit. It is therefore not intended to eat no more carbohydrates at all. Therefore, do not carry a carbohydrate war, but simply replace the quickly absorbable carbohydrates for the slowly absorbable carbohydrates.

Restoring your hormonal balance: Eat as nature intended and not too much

Our body is tailored to the natural food of our distant ancestors of prehistory. Therefore, I prefer organic unprocessed fresh nutrition without additives. Organic food is recognized by the EKO and/or DEMETER label. In the first place, organic food contains no chemical additives, the raw materials are not genetically engineered and fewer pesticide residues. Pesticides are not only poisonous, they also often have a hormonal balance disruptive effect, which gives you weight. In addition, organic vitamins and minerals contain organic fruits and vegetables, while organic meat does not contain antibiotics and chemical growth hormones. So, although organic products are more expensive than normal, you get more nutritional value for your money!

Do not eat too much too. Do you want to know why we are tempted to eat too much food from certain foods? Check out the video of Ralph Moorman below. He is the one who trained me to Trainer Hormone Factor.

Restore your hormonal balance: move sufficiently

Moving is very healthy for you. Apart from the danger of overtraining or injury, it only benefits. Your entire body and hormonal system is set for movement and does not matter. The upcoming summary of the positive effects of moving is far from complete, but coming in the direction. The following effects have been measured and scientifically substantiated:

  • Strengthening of the muscle band tissue, the hairstyles, and tires;
  • Compound of the bone tissue;
  • Improved cardiac function;
  • Improved lung function;
  • Improved intestinal action;
  • Enlargement of blood vessels flow
  • Increased blood flow to especially the organs and tissues involved in movement;
  • Creation of new blood vessels;
  • Enhanced lymphatic flow;
  • Increased immunity;
  • More positive mood;
  • Increased stress resistance;
  • Increase libido;
  • Increased muscle mass;
  • Favorable ratio between fat mass and fat-free mass;
  • Improvement of mood.

So pull your running shoes on, take your Nordic Walking sticks out of the closet, buy a dog or yoga mat, start a garden, clean your house regularly, ride a bike, go to the gym, rent a few roller skates, use the stairs instead of the elevator, it does not matter, moving is just key for you!

Restore your hormonal balance: sleep sufficiently

Melatonin is also called sleep hormone. Melatonin allows for sleep and depth and length of sleep. If you make too little melatonin, you often get sick of sleep problems. The causes of low melatonin production are:

  • You make too little serotonin due to a slow thyroid or bad intestine (serotonin is converted into melatonin in your body);
  • There is too much light in your bedroom. For a good melatonin flavor, your bedroom must be as dark as you sleep when you sleep
  • Your daily rhythm leaves the wishes. Jetlags, night services etc. disturb the timing of melatonin production;
  • You’re not getting too much outside. If you see enough light during daytime, this increases the melatonin release when dark.
  • You are too active in the evening. Before going to sleep, it is better to get some rest already;
  • You have a magnesium shortage. Obtain a magnesium supplement in consultation with an expert;
  • You have a progesterone shortage. Ask for progesterongel in consultation with an expert.

Restore your hormonal balance: reduce exposure to radiation

The exposure to electromagnetic radiation is increasing. You can think of Wi-Fi, DECT phones as well as UMTS masts near the house. Although agencies often say that it is common with the danger of radiation, you can question this. Therefore, look at this article. Especially your thyroid gland is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

You can do this yourself to reduce the radiation in your home:

  • Turn off the wifi on the modem if you do not need it;
  • Replace your wireless modem for a modem with a wire;
  • Buy a low-power Wi-Fi router;
  • Buy a low-noise DECT phone;
  • Place products in-house to buffer Wi-Fi.

Restore your hormonal balance: limit exposure to chemicals

There are two types of chemicals: toxic heavy metals and synthetic chemicals. Toxic heavy metals include lead, cadmium, mercury, and manganese. Synthetic chemicals are artificial substances that are made in the laboratory. Chemicals disrupt the natural weight mechanism. Why is this so?

Because especially the brain and hormones play a major role. The brains determine our eating behavior, our hunger and saturation signals and our metabolism. But brains are extremely sensitive to chemicals. Baillie-Hamilton discovered that most synthetic chemicals cause hormonal damage, especially in weight-regulating hormones. Chemicals have been shown to increase the production of hormones that thicken (such as insulin and estrogen) and reduce the effect of hormones that make slim like growth hormone, thyroid hormone, testosterone and DHEA ( source: Julia Kang )

What can you do to limit exposure to chemicals?

Eat food free of chemical additives

Chemical additives can be subdivided into colorants, flavors, preservatives, nutritional acids, antioxidants, emulsifiers, anti-clotting agents, vehicles, flavors, sweeteners, gloss agents, packaging gases, acid regulators, gelling agents, and stabilizers. These substances are better known as e-numbers. Each e-number consists of a number and the letter E. This means that it has been approved by the European Union. They do not see this kind of substance as dangerous and certainly not as harmful. However, you can ask your questions. Certain e-numbers approved in the EU are prohibited in the meantime. Several scientific studies show that the use of chemical additives is detrimental to our health. Research by, among others this book on

Eat food free of chemical additives. You can do this by carefully studying the label on the package and by purchasing only pure and raw food.

Repair your hormonal balance by lubricating no toxins on your skin

We also find poisons in cosmetics, perfumes, care products and cleaning products. Most people do not realize how many toxins they get through by the frequent use of all the pots, tubes and bottles full of synthetic fabrics in their bathroom. Below is a list of substances that are most likely to be found in your bathroom and what exactly it means ( source: Julia Kang ).

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

This substance is mainly used to make products foam like shampoo, shower and bath gel, toothpaste and hand soap. It cleanses your skin in a very aggressive way, which affects the skin’s protective layer. It is often combined with other chemicals, making them even more harmful.


Parabens are preservatives for keeping creams, shower gel, makeup, shampoos and toothpaste last longer. Parabens fall within the group of xeno-oestrogens, substances that have been scientifically proven to affect sex hormones. They can affect female ova and male sperm cells, cause cancer and early development of secondary sexual characteristics and make men confused. Parabens have the same effect as estrogen but artificial. Natural estrogens temporarily create fat when needed. This happens under certain circumstances (for example during pregnancy). Parabens do that too, but not temporary but permanent.

Mineral oils

The name is misleading because mineral oils sound like it comes out of nature. Nothing is less true. It is a beautiful name for petrol and petrol, made by the petrochemical industry. It degrades the natural moisture regulation of the skin because it closes it. There is no oxygen left through the skin, so waste can not be disposed of via the skin. The waste gets stuck in the body and disrupts your body.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

These are added as cleaners, emulsifiers and skin moisturizers. As a result, they disturb the natural moisture balance in your skin and make your skin aging faster. According to a scientific study of the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, published in the International Journal of Toxicology, PEGs include other ethylene oxide related to breast cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia and brain tumors. Also, PEGs contain many heavy metals that have been shown to affect the brain.


We take perfume in cosmetics and care products, but also in detergents, air fresheners, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tampons and diapers. On the packaging, only perfume is added, but that’s just a collective name for hundreds of fabrics, all of which make for a pleasant odor. The materials used for this purpose do not have to be mentioned by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is often the cheapest materials that are not always tested for safety. Also, 95% of the chemicals are in perfume synthetic compounds, the evidence of which is becoming increasingly potent that they may have a hormone disrupting effect.


These are used in plastic to make it soft and deformable, but also in cosmetics as solvents and fixants. Phthalates are barely broken down and accumulate in the environment and in your body. They have a relationship with liver cancer and disrupt your hormone condition. The liver needs you to remove toxins from your body. If the liver does not function, stacked toxins will disrupt your body.

Avoid the substance Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA we find in plastic packaging of ready-made products, oils, milk packs and packages containing fruit juice etc. BPA causes damage to your liver and contains synthetic estrogens that are harmful to you. Therefore, if you choose, always choose for glass packaging or for a BPA-free packaging.

Restore your hormonal balance: reduce stress

If you experience too much stress for a prolonged period, you can assume that your hormones are out of balance. The following hormones can all be balanced by stress: thyroid hormone, cortisol, insulin, testosterone, growth hormone, estrogen, progesterone, and melatonin. It is important to minimize stress. There are several ways to reduce your stress level:

  • Create a day format and work with to-do lists to get more overview and rest;
  • Set clear priorities;
  • Plan your tasks well;
  • Work together, delegate and dare to ask for help;
  • Provide clear boundaries, be assertive;
  • Plan daily activities such as: ‘take a hot bath, read a good book, go to the sauna, walk or cycle in nature, yoga, meditation’;
  • Respect your breaks at work as well as at home.