How to Make a Gel nail - Simplest Step By Step Guide (Materials Included)

How to Make a Gel nail – Simplest Step By Step Guide (Materials Included)

How to Make a Gel nail – Fashion or vanity, the use of nail gel is increasingly common among women. Whether it’s size, color or designs, it gives the hands an effect of elegance and care that every woman wants to express. Beautiful, clean, durable … they are the perfect solution if you want to have always presentable nails.Today, we will know more about gel nails and their characteristics.How to Make a Gel nail

What are gel nails?

The gel nails is a new technique that uses a gel applied on the nails to give a more beautiful appearance and can stretch them. The process uses the drying in a chamber with ultraviolet light, which allows a more natural appearance and avoids defects. This technique also promotes a more beautiful, uniform and durable finish.

The gel nails are ideal to cover fragile and brittle nails ribbed not grow easily. Also, if you have lost a nail, they are also perfect to replace it until you grow, although to do this, your nail must have been born at least a little. It can also be a good solution for those who bite their nails, seeing them so beautiful will avoid this temptation.

In addition, they fit perfectly to the shape of the nail, once placed, can be cut to the desired size. You can also glaze and decorate as you like.

Another advantage is that they are able to protect your nails and promote a proper glow of the gel, which will give an even better appearance.

Step By Step Guide To Make Gel Nails

Step By Step Guide To Make Gel Nails
Are you interested in the subject? Want to know how to do at home? So let’s start by presenting what you will need:

Gel nail material

You will need to buy a gel nail kit and then you can go shopping for the products separately as they end.

The kit can be purchased at beauty product stores or over the internet, usually it consists of:

  • – UV Apparatus
  • – Tips (nail models)
  • – Primer
  • – Base gel
  • – Builder gel
  • – Finishing gel
  • – Lime
  • Glue
  • – Brushes
  • – Cleanser
  • – Cut tips (special nail scissors)

How to Make Gel Nails

Now, check out the step by step to make gel nails:

  • – First, it is essential to disinfect the hands and the material used.
  • – Remove the excess cuticles and sand the surface of the nails, then disinfect them again.
  • – After, apply the glue, the desired tips and place to dry in the chamber.
  • – Cut and lick your nails until you get the desired size and look.
  • – Pass Primer on all nails with a brush.
  • – Apply a layer of the base gel and place the nails in the UV chamber for two minutes.
  • – Apply a layer of the gel builder on the nails and put them back in the camera for another two minutes. Do this procedure 3 times and in the last layer, apply the finishing gel. It is important not to pass the gel on the cuticle and apply a sunscreen to the hands and fingers about 30 minutes before using the UV camera.
  • – After, apply the Cleanser to prevent dryness.
  • – Then, just pass the enamel you prefer or spruce your new nails to leave them in your face.

The way to make the nail gel can vary depending on the kit purchased. Always read the instructions for use before your kit before doing the procedure.

How long do gel nails last?

The gel nails will remain intact until you decide that your natural nail has grown enough since the difference between the artificial and the natural is very visible. This will depend on the growth of your nails. Removing the excess cuticles also helps to avoid the difference between the true nail and the nail gel.

A carefully groomed nail can last up to 3 months, always maintaining special care and care with them.

Tips for Keeping Your Gel Nails Longer

To make your gel nails always perfect, it is recommended to have a review about every 3 weeks. Thus, the specialist will evaluate and decide whether to fill with more gel the part that has grown, or simply polish to match the natural nail.

But there is also care you can do at home to make your nails last longer and require less maintenance, we recommend that you keep these tips in mind.

1 – Short nails

Keeping the gel nails is much simpler if they are short. Long nails are beautiful, but keeping them short helps them grow under the gel layer and is also less likely to break. In addition, the bigger the nails are, the more difficult and frequent the maintenance.

2 – Try to use your own enamel

If you decide to take care of your nails at home, you will surely have your favorite nail polish in your hand.But if you do this at a beauty salon, you can choose to bring your own gel enamel. Thus, you will have more control over what you use on your nails and this will give you great benefits and the guarantee of a product that you know.

3 – Brightest and clear enamels

On tastes, there is nothing to discuss but some lighter colors have their benefits. A lighter, brighter enamel hides the cracks and imperfections of the work, and if something goes wrong, no one will notice it as easily as it would with a darker color.

4 – Maintenance

Another tip you should keep in mind while doing a nail gel treatment is that you can keep your fill in a simpler way. When you grow your nail, you do not have to undo everything and redo it, this can be done more economically, just filling the place where the nail has grown.

5 – Keep cleaning your utensils

In order to have beautiful nails, it is also necessary to keep them clean and conditioned. For this, it is essential that the cleaning is also in the utensils that you use for your painting session, this also helps to have healthier nails and cuticles.

6 – One more layer

Another thing you can do to keep your nails gel , is to add an upper layer over the enamel. Doing this weekly with an extra layer of gloss enamel reduces the risk of cracking or cracking.

7 – Do not Bite Your Nails

Biting your nails can make you ruin the whole service. Of course then you can do another session and make them perfect, but it is much better to protect and maintain them.

8 – Beware of daily activities

To care for and keep your gel nails longer, it is important to prevent any straining you may experience.Therefore, during household chores, you should always keep them protected. This can be done by wearing gloves when handling water or other chemicals that could damage them.

How to remove gel nails?

How to remove gel nails
Although beautiful and durable, gel nails also have their purpose and should be removed properly.Check out the material to do this:

  • – Aluminum foil wrapping paper.
  • – Cotton.
  • – Small bowl.
  • – Nail polish remover.
  • – Nail file.
  • – Sticks.

To withdraw do the following:

  • – Scratch the surface of the nail polish.
  • – Moisten a cotton with the enamel remover and place it on the nail.
  • – Wrap the nails with the cotton on the foil (bright side in) and leave it for up to 10 minutes. Remove a piece of foil to see if the gel nail is loosening, otherwise leave it for longer.
  • – With the gel softened, remove it with a wooden toothpick with a tip.
  • – After total removal, thoroughly clean the nails and apply a moisturizer of cuticles and special products for hydration of the nails.

Gel or porcelain nails?

It is a very common fact not to know the difference between gel nails and porcelain nails. In addition, there are also acrylic nails, which also enter into this discussion. But how to know which of the three types of false nails is most appropriate?

Obviously, the main difference of each type of nails is the material of which it is composed. To give an idea, we detail:

Gel nails

The gel is a more advanced and modern technology than porcelain or acrylic. Gels are oligomers, that is, they are neither liquid nor solid. Gels only dry under ultraviolet rays or LED bulbs.

Advantages of gel nail:

  • – Gel nails tend to look more natural than porcelain or acrylic.
  • – They allow nails to breathe more than acrylics or porcelain.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic is a combination of a special liquid and a polymer powder. The dry layer creates a sturdy formation that has the consistency of a hard plastic.

Advantages of acrylic nail:

  • – Can be made with a model depending on the shape and length of the nail.
  • – They last longer and require less maintenance than the gel nail.

Porcelain nails

They are similar to acrylic, but are made of fiberglass.

Advantages of porcelain nail:

  • – Can also be made with a model depending on the shape and length of the nail.
  • – They also last longer and require less maintenance than the gel nail.

Harmful effects of gel nails

Harmful effects of gel nails
Despite giving a great appearance, behind this procedure that seems harmless, there are certain factors, such as ultraviolet rays that apply to dry the gel and potential damage to the nails that should not be ignored.

Applying a nail gel with a certain habit can harm the health of the nail and the area around it. This was suggested by an article published by the American Academy of Dermatology and written by expert Chris Adigu, a dermatologist at the University of New York School of Medicine.

Some harmful effects produced by the continuous application of gel nails are:


The weakening of the nails is due to the chemicals that exist in the gel enamel and the acetone used to remove the false nail.

Irritation and dryness

The acetone needed to remove the gel can cause the nail to dry and become irritated in the area around it. In some cases, an allergic reaction may occur, which later causes dermatitis. Also, if the gel is removed in the wrong way it can damage the natural nails.

In some very rare cases, allergy to the gel may occur, so the artificial nail should be removed immediately.


Due to the enamels and abrasives used in this procedure, the natural nail color may be lost.

Risk of fungi

Using poor quality products or making the wrong application or removal can favor the formation of fungi and bacteria.

Your withdrawal

After the application by a professional, nail removal can often only be done by the same person. This can occur because the professional uses specialized equipment to do the application and removal.


The procedure is expensive and its maintenance, which is necessary, further increases the amounts spent with the gel nails .

UV rays

The extreme use of this type of procedure and its drying machine is related to the development of skin cancer due to the ultraviolet rays that it causes.

What is the relationship between UV rays and gel nails?

When the application of nails in gel is carried out, ultraviolet lights are used for drying of the same. This process is repeated several times per hand, which makes the procedure last longer.

However, you have to take into account that so much exposure to these rays is not good for your skin.Nor is it that you will get skin cancer after performing this procedure, but it is advisable to take precautions. The biggest problem is that UV rays are cumulative, so if you use this type of nail dryer from time to time, it will not have serious consequences, however, if you use this treatment regularly for months or years, your risk will be greater.

To avoid any unnecessary exposure, it is recommended to apply a water-resistant sunscreen and have a protection factor of at least 15 FPS before going to the professional who will apply the nails.

An alternative to using the UV ray chambers for drying is to use cameras with LED lamps. This option already exists and this can offer much less risk to your health.

The disadvantage is that the type of drying with LED bulbs is less used. In addition, the procedure costs more, but drying is done much more quickly.

Before you undergo the use of gel nails, look for a professional who uses drying chambers with LED bulbs. This may allow you to do this more often, without increasing your chances of suffering problems in the future.

Nail gel gel nail kit price

The gel nail kit can vary greatly in price depending on the quality of the products that come with it. Ideally, always look for products from well-known brands. A complete kit with the UV camera can cost between 150 and 250 reais.

Applying gel nails with a professional can cost between 100 to 200 reais, depending on the place made. Maintenance can cost from 70 to 100 reais a month.

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Always try to observe the health of your nails, if any abnormalities appear, stop using nail polish and nails, and consult a specialist. Caring for beauty is key, but one should keep in mind that health comes first and foremost always.