3 Golden but Forbidden Steps To Become a Better Lover Today

3 Golden but Forbidden Steps To Become a Better Lover Today

Steps To Become a Better – There are many men who talk about the fact that the sex is only moderate. They particularly like this to their partner who has a low level of libido. The woman never wants sex, and of course, you can never have good sex!

The problem is that in most cases the problem lies with the man. If you are not a good lover, you can not blame your partner for having little desire for sex. You do it yourself wrong, and the sex does not matter to her.


That is why we have prepared a roadmap today that will make you a better lover in three steps. It is of course not an iron law, you will have to turn the advice into the recommendations that are best for you.

Work on yourself

If you are doing long days at work, chances are you are hardly at all about sports and relaxation. You are often busy, you have the idea that your time is short and you are already in a lot of time. You need to work on yourself to make you become interesting again.

To get that together you need to get better in your skin. You need the energy and the power of a good guy. In fact, you actually need two different factors that need to be taken together. You need to find good ways to relax, and you need to move more.

Sports are not only good for your body, it also makes your body work better. The functions of the body are largely determined by the food you eat and the circulation during the effort. By adjusting the food and regularly exercising, you win terrain in many areas at the same time. You can go to the gym, but you can also choose to go to work by bike.

Try to work intensively with you every day at least half an hour. Then you’ll also get half of your relaxation. Relaxation is important to keep calm and keep space in your mind. If you are well controlled by both points, you are already in good shape. When your partner sees your efforts, she will also be impressed with your progress. In addition, you become a happier person. You’re getting better in your skin.

Learn the technique you are using immediately say goodbye to shame if you get too fast.

Learn what you’re doing right now at sex, making it much quicker and solve it today!

Working for yourself also goes on for the spiritual side of the story. If you have problems that you have never discussed with someone, then this is a good time. The less you bother with you, the better you can work as a partner, and the better the sex becomes. Immediately try to find the solution to the problem, do not postpone this. At least, put it to your partner so that something can happen with the problems.

1) Improve opportunities By Know More About Her

If you want to become a better lover, it’s not only important to get better in your skin. That will end up, but it’s not the whole story. You get better in bed, but you’re not immediately a better lover. In order to truly become a better lover, you need to deepen in the sex itself. What does your partner like, what ways can you make sure your partner can experience an orgasm, what toys are there that you can use to make it easier for you?

Nowadays, entire websites have been completed with advice on sex. You can not really do that with that. These are the general advice such as those that help you much further.

Most people forget that all women are different. Nobody knows what your partner is doing in fire and flame.

Therefore, you must experiment yourself to find out what your partner is particularly exciting. You can do that by trying out a few different ways and trying it out. You can also ask in conversation with your partner what they would like to try. This way you put the experiment in the middle. You find out what she wants, and she finds out if her idea of sex is true to reality.

Such conversations are best kept when there is no chance of sex. At that moment you get the most honest answers and get the worst. When you’re already in bed, there’s a threshold for her. Everything she says can be used immediately, and so fantasies usually do not work. It must happen once in a while, not at the moment.

When you yourself engrossed in all possibilities, delights and opportunities in the bedroom, you are much further towards good sex than when alone with yourself goes to work. But the third step of this plan is at least as important as the previous two steps.

2 ) Take the time and rest

The best sex comes from an evening where no watch is important, with no clock on the wall and no mobile phone can make a noise. We live in a society where the clock has played an enormous role. We also live in a time when people complain about sex more often than ever. The connection may be clear.

If you really want to be a better lover, and you’ve followed the previous two steps, it’s time for the big finale. Plan an evening where you do not have time with you and tell your partner too. Then turn off the mobile phones, close the computers and laptops and unplug the plug. It’s an evening that’s just for you.

Put on candles, pour two glasses of wine and stretch the moment as long as possible. Your partner already knows what the purpose of the evening is, but the longer you can take it, the more your head will be ready for sex. Start with a long massage, where your partner can relax completely, put up a nice music and do not hurry.

couples feet in bedThis way of enjoying is not only great for yourself, although it is an experience for those who always rush to everything. It is especially delicious for your partner. For the first time she has partnered her partner for herself for the first time, but what is more important is that she will be able to enjoy the sex completely.

This has to do with the long run, and the fact that it does not get rid of it. The long run causes her head to start thinking about sex very early. Therefore you should stretch it as long as possible. Her body is gradually getting closer to the moment she is excited. As there is no time connected, she can let herself go out during sex.

When you stretch it for too long, there is only one risk and that is that she will tear you off the clothes of the body. There are worse things to think about!

3)Become a better lover, and stay That Way

When you have worked for yourself, you are familiar with the possibilities and you take the time for the sex, then you have become a better lover than the average man. This is generally the case with this. You can give your partner the ultimate enjoyment during the sex and that experience will keep you sharp. In addition, your partner soon has the idea that she has to do something for the development you have experienced: the sex becomes better in two directions, so it can not go wrong anymore.

Always try to take the time and rest for yourself. Many people are looking for ways to have better sex, emphasizing the satisfaction of the partner. When you are not in your skin and too busy to relax yourself, you can completely forget about your partner’s satisfaction. Sex always has two partners, and when one of these partners is not present at the sex, the whole story is already on track.

3 Golden but Forbidden Steps To “Become a Better Lover” Today – What are your thoughts and opinion? Let us know what has worked and does not work for you by commenting below.