Symptoms That Cause You To Think You are Pregnant (Very Shocking)

Symptoms That Cause You To Think You are Pregnant (Very Shocking)

Symptoms That Cause You To Think You are Pregnant- You may experience some symptoms of being pregnant and yet … be it a false alarm, if you were not expecting to be a mother, or a disappointment if you wanted to get pregnant. However, it is important to know that all pregnancies are different and that although there are infallible symptoms, others may respond to different causes. Therefore, before deluding yourself, read this note.

Most common symptoms of being pregnant

Most common symptoms of being pregnant

Actually, there are more than 25 signs and symptoms of being pregnant, some that you did not even imagine could be signs of pregnancy.

Most women who are sexually active or trying to get pregnant suspect the presence of a pregnancy in the absence of a period. However, by that time the embryo is probably already two weeks old and both the maternal organism and the new life are secreting tons of hormones to adapt to the new situation.

All these changes can go unnoticed or be confused with symptoms of other conditions, especially for a first-time mother. Maybe if you were already a mom, you know your organism and have developed a sixth sense to immediately discover that you are pregnant!

Signs of pregnancy vary in each woman, and not all symptoms are experienced during each pregnancy.

Among the most common symptoms of being pregnant, you can find from swollen, numb or painful breasts to changes in mood without apparent cause, sleep, dizziness or lightheadedness, going through fatigue, mild cramps, headaches, desire to urinate more often or unusual sensitivity to odors and tastes.

Symptoms of being pregnant that may have other causes

contraceptive pills
Changes in birth control pills can cause pregnancy symptoms

The most frequent signs of being pregnant may have other causes. The challenge is to discover what other reasons may be responsible for the symptoms of being pregnant … when there is no pregnancy!

  • The lack of a period: it is one of the symptoms of being pregnant that is reported more frequently. However, the lack of a period may have other reasons, for example: excess weight, weight loss, fatigue, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, tension or stress. Also several diseases can cause the lack of a period, including breastfeeding.
  • Morning sickness: another symptom of being pregnant almost certainly and yet you may suffer morning sickness from eating a meal in poor condition, other stomach problems, also by stress and stress or a change in birth control pills.
  • Swollen breasts or changes in the breasts: it is the third of the symptoms of being pregnant more informed. It includes sensitivity and discomfort. According to the American Pregnancy Association this symptom may be due to hormonal imbalances, impending menstruation or changes in contraceptive pills.
  • Fatigue or fatigue: this discomfort completes the symptoms of being pregnant more usual. It can respond to stress, stress, too much work, depression or other mental imbalances. Also to a common cold or a flu state, allergic states, lack of restful sleep and poor diet.
  • Low back pain: upcoming menstruation, stress, stress, bad sleep habits or lifting of heavy objects inappropriately.
  • Headache: may have dozens of reasons, including dehydration, excess caffeine, eye strain, stress or upcoming menstruation.
  • Frequent urination urges: one of the causes can be a urinary tract infection, diuretic ingestion, excess fluid intake or a beginning of diabetes, all of which justifies a visit to your doctor.
  • Spotting or light bleeding: a slight hemorrhage, which is similar to implantation bleeding, can be caused by the onset of menstruation, a change in contraceptive pills or having sex … too fiery.
  • Food cravings or rejection of some foods: stress, anxiety, depression, upcoming menstruation or deficiencies in the diet.
  • Darkening of areolae of the nipples: although it is one of the symptoms of being more frequent pregnant, it is rare if there is no pregnancy, but it may be due to some hormonal imbalance.

What to do if there are symptoms of being pregnant

symptoms of being pregnant

If you have symptoms of being pregnant but you have doubts, we recommend you go to your doctor.

Getting pregnant can be more difficult than you think.   In fact, one in six couples experience difficulties in getting pregnant and this number is increasing. Several of the factors that can cause symptoms of being pregnant without pregnancy may even be influencing to hinder your pregnancy, such as stress, stress, poor diet or overwork.

Undoubtedly, good nutrition, healthy living and exercise are essential to increase your chances of getting pregnant, but other elements such as age, environment and regularity of the menstrual cycle should also be considered.

In addition, the window of fertile days is so small that a series of fortunate events must occur for a sperm to pierce the covering of the ovum waiting in the fallopian tubes.

This fertile window lasts approximately five days: four days before ovulation and until 24 hours after the release of the ovule.

To improve your chances you must identify your fertile days until you can specifically determine the date of ovulation. It is not easy, but there are several signs and symptoms of ovulation that can help you, such as changes in menstrual flow. In fact, when you ovulate, cervical mucus looks similar to egg white, which is the ideal vehicle for sperm to travel to the egg.

There are also home ovulation tests that can be purchased at pharmacies and can predict the date of ovulation with some certainty.  They are based on the detection of luteinizing hormone, which increases between 24 and 48 hours before ovulation.