1 Vital + 3 Meaningful Things You Can Do To Make The World More Beautiful

Things You Can Do To Make The World More Beautiful – Yes, the world seems like a thing. And sometimes it seems that you can not do anything about it. But that does not mean that’s right. These are four ways in which you can make the world a better place.

“In a hundred years, how do you want the world to be?
Everybody should get together to make the world a better place. ” 

Liya Kebede

You’re not a nobody

The world is big. And many people’s feet walk around on her continents. There are many things going well, many things go wrong. And sometimes it seems that you have no influence whatsoever.

And that’s not correct. And I’m going to show you why.

1. Do not be angry – we just want less of that

The world is unfair, dirty, corrupt and allowed to an update. One of the underlying problems is the lack of compassion for other people. Egoism, anger, incomprehension, and hatred lead to undesirable results.

Results where many people get angry. The problem, however, is that adding more anger often makes the problem less difficult.

That does not mean that we must passively watch the world go back. What it means is that we do our best to understand why people, businesses, and governments do what they do. That we realize that we might do the same in their shoes.

And that we are working on understanding and compassion to send the world in a new direction. Finally, something that is shaped with love results in a better end result.

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You can add more love to the world. You can do small and big things to spread more understanding, compassion, and awareness. And your good deeds can radiate like waves in a pond to your entire environment.

2. “Be the change” is still good advice

Many people who want to change the world will send. They’re going to tell people what’s wrong, and what’s going to happen. And how noble their intentions are – you do not want to sit next to such a person during a birthday.

By shouting, you reach the least. By changing yourself, you reach the most. But yes – that’s also a lot more difficult.

That’s how I know people who are constantly angry about the state of the world and worry about CO2 emissions. And then eat pretty much meat – one of the most polluting foods you can eat.

Calling that we all have to eat less meat makes little impression. Stop eating meat makes people think of it. They see you making other choices in the supermarket, in restaurants, at parties, and they are going to ask questions.

You can explain why you do it and how to handle it – without judgment, without pointing a finger. And so you could just inspire people to do the same thing.

If you want the world to change – change yourself. Everyone can call people to consume less energy or to generate energy themselves. Show how you do it, and it makes your life better.

Then people follow you around yourself. And in turn, they inspire other people.

3. You are becoming more influential – not the other way around

Over the last decades, we have seen the enormous democratization of means of production. And that trend will continue in the coming years.

We can reach a larger audience, we have more knowledge at our disposal, access to an infinite network, we have affordable means of production and access to more intelligence than ever.

In the 1980s, it was virtually impossible for an individual to spread ideas in another continent. Now, new ideas fly around the world within a couple of hours – and some ideas put complete markets and governments on top.

These opportunities will not get any less – they are going to become more. And with that, your influence grows, and the influence of the people around you is a bit bigger every day.

And you can choose to use those resources to change the world. How you do that is yours.

4. You are not alone

Millions of people are making the world a better place – each in their own way. From small-scale initiatives in each city to shaping future technologies or global projects to eliminate poverty, hunger and certain diseases from our planet.

People are not quiet. Much goes wrong – and that gets a lot of attention in the media. But there is also a lot of good.

We are learning more and more about our world. We discover what works and what does not work. A little bit, this knowledge is implemented in companies, governments, associations, organizations and at home.

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Some changes need time. But that does not mean that nothing happens – or you’re the only one who is busy.

The future is not yet written

The world will be more beautiful if we work together. So do not be paralyzed by the misery you see. Use it as a driving force to work on the positive changes you can make.

Use your influence, be the example and give a world shaped in which we all want to live.