Top 20 Most Needed – Use Coconut Oil for Skin on Your Face and Body

Use Coconut Oil for Skin on Your Face and Body – The coconut oil is a natural product that has multiple benefits for your health, but it is also very nutritious and beneficial to the health of your skin. Coconut oil has good fats, one of its main components that provide the energy to perform daily activities and also has a very pleasant aroma.Coconut Oil for Skin on Your Face and Body

Its nutritional wealth not only benefits the internal health of your body, but also is a very useful tool to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin. It has the ability to penetrate the skin very deeply and moisturize it.

Because of its great benefits, this oil can easily replace the products you buy in pharmacies and that have very high costs. (1)

Secret ways to use coconut oil for your skin

Learn here how to use this oil profitably for the care of your skin

1.- Body lotion

With coconut oil, you can easily leave the chemicals or creams, expensive lotions that can only dull your skin or contaminate it. Although they claim that their components are natural this is not entirely true.

You can use the oil as a natural lotion or cream to maintain a beautiful, hydrated skin, thanks to the richness of saturated fats contained in coconut oil. You can combine it with other ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil and other essential oils.

I applied this cream or lotion after bathing, I gave a soft massage on the skin of your body. Your skin will always look smooth and even.

2.- As a make-up remover

You can deeply hydrate the skin of your face, including your eyelashes. It is a great ally to be able to eliminate the remains of makeup.

Just moisten a little cotton with coconut oil and clean the eyelids and skin of your face. If you wear waterproof masks, this oil will easily eliminate excesses.

3.- To exfoliate the skin

Another way you can use coconut oil on your skin, is as an exfoliating agent, to use it not only serves to moisturize and deeply nourish the skin, but also to remove and discard dead cells.

You can make a mixture in a very simple way, with grated coconut or sugar and a little oil, mix very well and use to exfoliate the skin of the face or the body in general. Try this only a couple of times a week.

4.- To fight dry lips

The moisturizing properties of coconut oil are unbelievable, you can use a little coconut oil on your lips, to prevent and fight dry lips. Consequence of climate changes, pollution, diseases, etc.

You should only apply a little of this oil on the lips, either at night or during the day. Its aroma and taste are very pleasant.

5.- Body oil

A very practical way to use coconut oil is as an essential oil for your body’s skin. It is used as equivalent to a body moisturizer.

Its properties moisturize, revitalize, and in passing prevent premature aging and accumulation of toxins or dead cells. You only need to give yourself a massage after bathing. Apply a good amount on elbows and knees.

6.- Natural treatment to fight cold sores

Probably, if you are prone to the formation of mouth sores, and you are looking for completely natural remedies, coconut oil is a great choice, just rub a little oil on the affected area.

It stands out for its disinfectant and antimicrobial properties that will help you heal, relieve pain, and reduce the risks of scarring or discoloration of your skin.

7.- Treatment to fight acne

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid that can naturally fight and eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful in the relief of wounds.

You can try using a little oil to clean the skin of your face.

8.- To relax and detoxify

To take full advantage of the benefits of coconut oil, take a bath tub, you can mix in the warm water a little of this oil along with mineral salts or other essential oils.

Not only will it be a very relaxing bath, but it will also have a detoxifying effect. As you eliminate the harmful substances that for many reasons accumulate in your skin, you will also mentally relegate yourself.

9.- Prevent diaper dermatitis

Babies are also benefited by the properties of coconut oil because they can sink a bit and thus avoid the dermatitis that can cause diaper rash.

Regular use of oil can avoid the problem of redness. You can put the oil in the usual way. And its effects will be better than any cream or product sold for this purpose.

10.- Cuticle oil

If you have cuticle problems, this oil can remove and soften the cuticle, also a good massage with coconut oil prevents the formation of cuticles. In addition, it will leave the skin of your fingers super soft.

The next time you do a manicure try using a little bit of this oil and you will see the difference.

Cuticle oil

11.- No more dry hands

You can use coconut oil to care for your skin on your hands. It is that you can prevent your hands from drying out and showing off with cracked skin, for various reasons such as overuse of products with chemicals, or using a tool, etc.

It is to apply only a little of this oil as hand moisturizer and if you want to enhance its effects, after rubbing a little oil on your hands, cover them with gloves and they will be very soft.

12.- Prevent stretch marks

You can prevent stretch marks that can appear for various reasons, and more if you plan to get pregnant or lose some weight. Do not stop using this oil as a natural method to prevent these marks.

Simply apply a little of this oil in the areas that tend to suffer from stretch marks such as abdomen, breasts, buttocks, arms, and preferably apply it at night before sleeping.

13.- Natural deodorant

Another advantage and very practical way to use coconut oil is as an ingredient for the preparation of a completely natural deodorant, free of chemicals and for sensitive skin.

You only need to prepare a little coconut oil, baking soda and choose some type of essential oil such as lemon, rosemary, lavender, etc. ingredients that only mixing them will help you prepare a completely natural deodorant.

14.- Natural repellent

Another way to protect your skin from mosquito bites, especially in hot weather, is to prepare a natural repellent using coconut oil as the main ingredient. You just have to mix a little of this with an essential oil such as clack, citronella, mint or eucalyptus.

Once mixed apply a generous amount in the exposed areas.

15.- Oil to massage

Instead of spending on expensive products that promise to relax, you just need to use coconut oil to give a rich massage. They just need to mix a little coconut oil, and an essential oil and you can give a rich relaxing massage.

If there is muscle pain, it will help in the relief of pain or inflammation.

16.- As a cream or gel for shaving

A practical way to use this oil either when shaving or shaving, is that by its properties and consistency it serves perfectly to avoid redness as it moisturizes and leaves the skin soft.

It can only be done before or after shaving.

17.- Take care of the health of your scalp

The skin in this area can dry out, be dry and scaly, so the regular use of coconut oil keeps this area hydrated, preventing the formation of dandruff. You can use it in several ways as a conditioner after the usual washing.

Or, like an oil or cream to comb. Just give a light massage from the scalp to the tips. (2)

18. Night cream

Coconut oil is very useful to use as a night cream. You just have to apply a little on the skin of your face, and let it act all night. Or, if you want to enjoy your benefits all day, you can combine it with your sunscreen or moisturizer if you have a fatty complexion.

19. Treatment for skin diseases

Coconut oil can treat and relieve acne. It is also useful for psoriasis, eczema, etc.

And it has been proven to work even in chronic cases. This oil can be very useful in relieving symptoms.

20. Relief in sunburn

This has happened to more than one, so for the relief of burning, just apply a little coconut oil on the sunny area to reduce inflammation and itching, you can mix it with a sunscreen to use it before exposing yourself back to the sun (3)