Whitney Simmons Workouts + The Top 5 Most Epic Exercises of All Times

Whitney Simmons Workout and Routines (schedule) – Surely, we have all heard the phrase “you have to do this exercise because it is very good to workout, and with almost all probability, many of us will have done it, without realizing that it is one of the biggest mistakes we could be making inside the gym. This problem is due to the overvaluation that we give to certain exercises without analyzing if they really are so good and efficient and if we really should do them. Before we go into Whitney Simmons Workout we will first take a look at the top 5 most epic (overrated) exercises of all times.Best Whitney Simmons Workouts

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In addition, another factor that influences is the famous shift that makes an exercise fashionable. Automatically, this exercise becomes fashionable and everyone starts to do it because it promises amazing results.

overestimate a gym exercise

How do you get to overestimate a gym exercise?

The majority of exercises that have been classified as overvalued (and of which we will see later five examples), have reached this status for several reasons:

1. Rehabilitation exercises

These are exercises that began to be used in patients with some injury or pathology, that one day a person incorporates it into a routine of training, and from there, it becomes popular, beginning the whole world to do it.

 Rehabilitation exercises

2. By “imitation”

A powerlifter or a famous weightlifter begins to perform a new exercise or a variant of a known exercise, and as that person “is very big” or “wins many competitions”, it becomes viral, appearing everywhere as “essential” for our routine.

3. Sports disciplines and passing fashions

In other occasions, an exercise reaches the overvaluation thanks to certain fashions (as it can be for example the case of the Crossfit) “passengers”.

An example of this could be the famous shrinkages performed in the gluteal lift bench  (GHD Sit Ups)  that are performed in the Crossfit and that are extremely harmful to the lower back. However, many people do them because they are part of some of the routines of that sport.

The 5 most overrated exercises

We analyze the five most overvalued exercises and the reasons why they have been cataloged as such.

1. Horizontal iron and side plate

Horizontal iron and side plate

This exercise consists of maintaining an isometric position supported either on the forearms or on the hands (flexion position) during a certain time.

Originally, they are two ideal exercises both for the discipline of yoga and, in certain cases, rehabilitative method. The problem is that many coaches began to include them in the routines without taking into account that, at one point, progressions of that exercise had to be performed and the only variation that included was the time during which the person had to maintain the isometric position.

Therefore, it is not that it is a bad exercise, but that it is very difficult to progress through it from a certain level.

2. Elevation of knees in suspension

The exercise itself consists of holding a fixed bar (although there is also the alternative of doing it on a vertical back with arms on which we will rest on the forearms) and bring both knees to the chest.

This exercise, cataloged for advanced users, has become one of the most popular and overvalued exercises among the intermediate levels since when being “stuck” in exercises for beginners, those seeking to advance in their training in search of innovative exercises but which is not known if they are healthy.

To perform this exercise correctly, we must have a base of strength in our important core (which is recommended to acquire this same movement but lying on the floor face up), which in the vast majority of cases does not occur. In addition, although almost everyone sees this exercise included in the category of “abdominals”, it is rather an exercise that works the muscles of the hip flexors.

Elevation of knees in suspension

3. Seated rowing with narrow grip

Undoubtedly, the pulley rowing is a great alternative to rowing with a bar if for some reason we can not do the latter and when doing the rowing on a seated pulley with a narrow grip (also known as a rowing paddle), we can move more weight than if we used the classic grip (slightly more open than the width of the shoulders).

However, the reason why this exercise is overrated is that with this type of grip we do not reach a full range of motion, so we would not be exercising the muscles 100%.

 Seated rowing with narrow grip

4. The press

This exercise is usually presented as an alternative to the already famous squats. There are two variants: the horizontal and the inclined (sometimes erroneously called “vertical press”).

The main defenders of this exercise are usually, mainly, coaches or professional competitors, even among some powerlifters, it is extremely popular.

They argue that, in certain situations, it is a very good exercise. And reason they do not lack, although it would be necessary to punctuate and to analyze which are those situations. Because in the same way, we can say that it is a bad choice for most lifters.

The press exercise

5. Tipping of tires

Undoubtedly, this is another of the star exercises in the world of CrossFit designed, almost specifically, for competitions. Apart from being one of the star exercises, it is also one of the exercises with the greatest potential for harm.

In addition to requiring good hip mobility, one of the main problems presented by this exercise (including Strongman) is that the vast majority place the part of their lower back in a kyphotic position that carries a high risk of injury given the weights they drive.

 Tipping of tires

What other overrated exercises are there?

From my personal point of view, the following exercises should be included in this list of overrated exercises:

  • Abdominal crunches (due to the high risk of injury they present at the level of the intervertebral spaces),
  • Any exercise that involves a movement behind the neck as they cause instability in the glenohumeral joint and a serious risk of injury at the level of the supraspinatus tendon especially (within this category we could include presses behind the neck, rowing on the chin, parallel funds, pull behind the neck, etc.).
  • The famous forearm curls (which can cause injuries to the tendons of the area).
  • The dominated CrossFit style (for presenting problems at the level of the back due to the excessive arcing of the same)
  • Stability exercises on unstable surfaces (for the potential risk of injury that exists).

most overrated exercises


  • The plates are actually the safest alternative to the typical abdominal crunches of a lifetime, so their overvaluation is due to poor planning of these exercises in our routine. Varying duration and dynamism in these exercises will make them go from overvalued to almost essential.
  • Knee elevations are one of the exercises that have earned their overvaluation. In addition to being a source of problems and injuries at the level above all of the iliopsoas. While this exercise is “indicated” to work the abdominals, they actually exert their main effect on the hip flexors. Performing this exercise (whether performed hanging on a bar or lying on the floor) can lead to problems and injuries at the iliopsoas level.
  • The reasons why the leg press is considered one of the most overrated exercises, are understood when explaining the reasons why it can be considered a bad option to include it in our routine: when analyzing the mechanical action of the exercise, we realize that the person who performs it becomes the central point of a kind of “accordion”. And this, especially in the incline press is very dangerous, since the weight to move is above us and, the higher we place the feet on the platform, the lordotic curvature of the lower back is lost faster, which will contribute certainly to a potential risk to our health.
  • If we look at the corresponding photograph of tire turning, we can see how the position of the back is NOT CORRECT, since it presents a curvature that, when starting the lifting movement, will compromise the stability and safety of our back, presenting a high risk of injury.

Whitney Simmons Workout – The Road That Brings Only Sexiness

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