The 5 Best Reasons Why Ecological Life Is Cheaper Than You Think

Reasons Why Ecological Life Is Cheaper Than You Think – An ecological lifestyle is much cheaper than you think for some important reasons. Let’s see what those reasons are.

Ecological life is expensive

Yes. It seems like that. Because products that are sustainable, biologically and ecologically responsible cost a lot of money. And they are mainly sold in special ecological supermarkets that I once called the vegetable jeweler.

Because that’s it. Expensive. And in that regard, sustainable shopping does not seem so sustainable for your finances. .Because if you pay € 3.50 for one biodegradable waste bag, the payment of the rent or mortgage will suddenly be a lot less easy.

It gives the impression that an ecological lifestyle is only for rich people. That sustainable life is not possible for ‘normal people’. And that an ecological lifestyle is a sacrifice. That you have to suffer from suffering.

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But you know – nothing is true. It seems so until you look at the problem with new eyes. And in this article, I want to offer you some new eyes. Because ecological life is cheap. Cheaper than you think, and cheaper than the average non-ecological lifestyle.

Let’s see how that is.

1. The foundation under an ecological lifestyle

More and more people want ecological life. But often we begin to optimize in an illogical place. This makes the change to an ecological lifestyle unpredictable. We take our current consumption pattern as a starting point and seek ecological alternatives for each product we buy.

Ecological brands jump in there. Because there is unwise a lot of money to earn. First, you bought your shirts for a dozen, now it all costs thirty euros. The same goes for your shower gel, your makeup, your furniture and your care products. Everything seems twice as expensive.

But suggest that you decide to generate all your electricity yourself with your own solar panels. Your first step is then not to install panels. Your first step is to make sure you consume less electricity. So, with less solar panels, you can reach your goal, saving you a lot of money.

That principle can be applied to your entire lifestyle. Simple life is the much needed foundation under an ecological lifestyle. Because if there is less to sustain it costs less and the process is easier.

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Less want. Be content with learning. Longer with the stuff you have. Get out of the mill of materialism. Stop shopping as a hobby.

You first shake the unnecessary things out of your life so that you can then work on optimizing the things that remain. You make sure there is less to sustain. Then it suddenly becomes a lot easier.

And it’s fun because simple life has a lot of benefits. It helps you to connect with the things that are really important in life. Such as relationships, healthy living, reading and learning, creativity, spending time in nature, inner peace and mindfulness.

2. How to save a mountain of money in one shot

If you have thrown away the surprises of your life, it’s time to upgrade what’s left to ecological alternatives.

That process does not have to be expensive. It can even save you money.

One example is to stop eating meat. This choice only dramatically reduces your ecological footprint and saves your money. Daily meat consumption upgrade to organic meat costs mountain money. Vegetarian food is much cheaper. Especially when you learn to cook without eating meat substitutes every day.

Now you can think of all kinds of things about whether or not to eat meat. But we can all agree on a few things:

  1. Vegetarian food is at least no less healthy than eating meat.
  2. No meat food is still much more ecological than eating organic meat.

In other words, if you eat meat you do this because of taste, texture, habit, and tradition. Not because it’s logical considering the goals you want to achieve. Prima – but it is important to make this distinction. You do not eat meat because you need it, but because you want it.

And you can just stop wanting because you have new priorities. That does not have to be done at once and it is not necessary. But it’s a relatively simple step that helps you reduce your ecological footprint drastically while saving a lot of money.

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3. You do not have to buy an ecological shower gel

No. And that also applies to a lot of other things. Do you know why? Because luxury products like shower gel are superfluous. They are pretty frothy and easy. But they are not necessary. In fact, they are full of conditions you probably do not lubricate on your body.

And then there’s the question: Is it necessary to sip your entire body daily? The answer is simple: no. Your skin is covered with bacteria that protect your health. Your life is not by definition going forward if you remove those low friendly friends daily, after which your skin dries out and you have to solve it with creams that contain even more gangs.

The point is: this whole process can be simplified by choosing a sustainable oil-based soap. Use the soap for the zones that earn some extra cleanliness and do not use it for your entire body daily.

This saves mountain money, mountain plastic waste, pots of pepper lotion and also a lot of time under the shower (and thus gas or electricity). In this article on Just Beautiful Green, you will find many more tips to reduce waste in the bathroom.

4. It’s not perfect

What has more negative impact on the world: Buying non-durable manufactured clothing twice a year, or weekly sustainably-produced clothing shopping?

Exactly – probably the second one.

If something is produced biologically, sustainably or ecologically, that does not mean that it has no impact on the world anymore. And you do not want to say that you’re “good at work” because you’re “shaping sustainably.”

Redundancy remains unnecessary. If you buy unnecessary things then you are responsible for the unnecessary consumption of raw materials. It is a waste. Even if it is produced green.

In other words, do not take more than you need – and you do not need much. This will reduce your environmental impact automatically. Even if you choose the less perfect products because you can not pay the ecologically produced products.

The cycle is more durable than the durable clothing store. But there is no reason that you can not do both: shop less and choose sustainable with the money you save. On GROWTHINKERS you will find a handy list of durable clothing brands for women and men.

It is not a matter of green and not green. It is a spectrum of a lot of shades of green. And what you want to do is take small steps to get better without having a neurosis.

If you’re neurotic, you’re frightening people around you. If you choose the middle way, you can inspire others to do the same. And much of your ecological impact is inspiring others. So do not take steps and lose your mental health.

5. Ecological life helps save your money

I have had a negative electricity bill for years. Very positive I think so. My six solar panels generate a little more than I consume. As a result, I have earned the investment a long time.

Since I’ve been eating vegetarian (and mostly vegetable), my groceries have become much cheaper. While I eat better than before.

If you drive a lot, the electric drive switch can save your bins with money. And if you take the bicycle you are even cheaper. The cycle is still cheaper than the furniture boulevard and reading a book is a lot more affordable than shopping because you are bored.

It’s just how you handle it. If you do not fall for ‘marketing sustainability’, the transition to ecological life can save you money every day. And that’s nice because you can build sustainability in your finances.

Make it easy, not difficult

The transition to a sustainable, ecological lifestyle is too important to postpone myths as ‘it’s too expensive’.

An ecological lifestyle is only expensive if you want to make it expensive. And if you want to do it perfectly in one blow. Perfection does not work, action is working. So start somewhere and keep improving.

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You are not alone. And if you’re looking for inspiration, the internet is full of it. For example, read these articles or subscribe to our cozy, sustainable Pinterest board with inspiration.