7 Applicable Tips – You want to lose weight but you’re always hungry

Do you want to lose weight but are you always hungry? These tips help you reduce your feeling of hunger so you can lose weight step by step in a healthy way.

“Rice is great if you’re really hungry
and want to eat two thousand of something.” 

Mitch Hedberg

1. Stop eating too little

Stop eating too little

Many people who want to lose weight simply eat too little. They limit their portions because they do not want to eat too much. This works counter productive because you always feel hungry and may undermine your body.

You want to prevent insufficient energy from being able to function properly. Long-term, extremely low-calorie eating is not effective in the long run – whatever you point to yourself. Your body will not take it. It is important that you improve the quality of your diet, and to calm down.

There is nothing wrong with a lot of food. The problem is to get him into too much energy. But those two things do not have to be the same.

You can always add your meals with extra vegetables. Nobody likes to add an extra zucchini, a whole bowl of mushrooms, a cucumber or a complete broccoli to your meal.

You can eat your food on vegetables and still do not get a meal.

Vegetables contain low calories and are filled with fiber and nutrients. Eat as much as you like! Snack with carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber. And just pour more vegetables into your meals.

More vegetable food gives you a full feeling without hindering your weight loss. But keep in mind that you also get enough whole grains, legumes and (vegetable) proteins such as nuts, tofu, and tempeh.

2. Drink more water

Simple. Not only does it give you a full sense of time, it also helps you to reduce ghost hunger. Often we think we are hungry, but we actually seem to thirst. Drinking a glass of water will, in any case, exclude this cause.

3. Breakfast firmer

For some people, a hearty breakfast thinks the difference between eating all afternoon is astonishing that it’s lunch break again.

Experiment with the size of your breakfast. For example, add extra fruit and research what it does for your hunger feeling throughout the day.

4. Grab a piece of fruit

Are you hungry? Grab an apple Still hungry? Then take another apple. You must be very hungry if you still have hungry after two apples.

Are not you so fond of fruit? Then you can do the same with carrots, cucumber or celery.

It can also be very effective to combine fruit with a handful of nuts. Nuts help you quickly reduce your hunger sensation, but they also contain a lot of energy. So with such superpowers comes great responsibility.

5. Break your sugar addiction

Yes. If you’re addicted to sugar then you’re in a roller coaster of unbearable trek followed by a sugar peak followed by a sugar dale and re-unbreakable trek. This will keep you busy.

It’s not healthy, and it’s not really handy if you want to lose weight. A sugar addiction makes you think about eating all day long.

So time to stop it. Build your sugar intake and give yourself one simple rule: I do not eat sophisticated sugar.

Simple sit. Then take a peach.

6. Stop machining

Edited food is designed for your tongue, not your belly circumference. It’s nice, it ‘feeds’ your emotions. But it does not do much for your health and your waist. Therefore, keep your food and keep your trek.

So? So move towards unprocessed feed. Nutrition that is less intense, so you do not want to eat it endlessly. That does not mean that you have to make yourself from now on. But you better notice.

A packaging claiming to be healthy deserves double inspection. Your day has an average of six dining moments. Work to improve your meals, and upgrade your snacks. You do not have to do anything else.

And again: you can search for all hip, intricate and pepper superfood snacks. You can also take a piece of fruit. From that one super food bar, you buy a bag of carrots where you spend half a week.

Make it simpler. Not complicated. Do not try to do it perfectly, but just better.

7. Be aware of why you are always hungry

If you have just worked in a good meal and you have a rest, ask why you have a draw. Observe your trek, but do not trade it.

Notice how the trek gets set and experience how it disappears automatically after a few minutes. And realize how to become aware of half a bowl of ice cream out of your body.

Do the same when you have pulled into specific, unhealthy foods. This kind of hunger is probably emotional hunger. Your brain has learned to suppress irritating feelings through specific foods that produce a lot of endorphins.

Do not grab the chips, but put a timer on your phone and meditate for ten minutes. Great chance that your draw in chips after that has disappeared.

Do you keep hungry while you really eat more than enough? Please consider your doctor as soon as possible. Perhaps your hunger feeling has a different cause than simple ‘pull in sweets’.

Healthy food is simple

Exactly. In my practical book Simply healthy, I show you how to achieve less effort. So you can feel slimmer, energized and fitter.